What to Support


Both endowed and annually funded scholarships allow talented and deserving students—regardless of their financial ability—to attend Southwestern University and prepare for meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Susan Stubbs

Executive Administrative Assistant



Susan Stubbs

Executive Administrative Assistant

Endowed & Annual Scholarships

More than 60 percent of Southwestern students qualify for and receive need-based assistance. This figure has more than doubled (from 27 percent) since 2001. As the gap between demonstrated  student need and Southwestern’s available financial aid resources has widened during the last decade from $3.3 million to almost $11 million, Southwestern has become less viable for well-qualified students from underserved backgrounds.  

Establishing a scholarship at Southwestern University allows you to:

  • Assist qualified and deserving students with the cost of their Southwestern Experience.
  • Honor, memorialize or recognize a family, individual or organization by naming your scholarship.
  • Provide students with life-changing opportunities they may not have had without your assistance.

Annual scholarships are unrestricted, and require an annual, outright gift of $3,000 or more. Southwestern’s Office of Financial Aid offers these scholarship funds to qualified students to aid in our recruitment and retention efforts. Establishing an endowed scholarship provides you the same benefits with the additional satisfaction of:

  • Directing your support to students in a particular academic discipline, or to students from a specific geographic region.

Endowed scholarship funds require a gift commitment of $50,000 in order to benefit students in perpetuity. Funding may occur through a single contribution or by pledging a series of payments totaling $50,000 or more. Continued contributions after the initial endowment will result in larger annual student awards.

Download our scholarship guide for further details about funding scholarships at Southwestern.

Visit Southwestern’s list of permanently endowed funds to explore the magnitude of financial aid that generous donors have made available.