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Susan Stubbs

Executive Administrative Assistant



Susan Stubbs

Executive Administrative Assistant

At Southwestern University, “academic excellence abounds…” –The Princeton Review’s “The Best 368 Colleges” (2009)

Both faculty and undergraduate student research are well-known elements of the Southwestern Experience. However, it is also well known that quality research requires the availability of and access to a collection of quality materials.

Building such a collection is expensive. For example, a standard printed academic book costs about $40, and annual database fees range anywhere from $600 to $20,000. The A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center currently has an extensive waiting list of titles that include all formats and disciplines identified by faculty, librarians and students as essential to the undergraduate curriculum.

The most efficient and direct way you can help with student and faculty research is to make a financial donation in any amount to the “Library Resource Initiatives Fund.” Your donation will allow the Southwestern librarians to immediately purchase the materials most needed by our students and faculty members. Should you wish to make a gift online, please type “Library Resource Initiatives Fund” into the “Other Designation” field.

Any support is welcome and appreciated. If you would like to donate a specific title from the waiting list, please contact Amy Anderson at andersoa@southwestern.edu or call 512-863-1639.

Thank you.

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