Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

October 2018

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth organized a panel at the 43rd Annual Coalition of Women in German conference at Sewanee University of the South, in Sewanne, Tennessee, Oct. 1821. The panel, titled “The Forest Unseen: Feminism and Visibility of Connections in Bodies, Nature, Science, and Violence,” was inspired by Sewanee biology professor David G. Haskell’s book The Forest Unseen: A Year’s Work in Nature (2012). Panelists shared their feminist work in the environmental humanities in the field of German studies.

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth presented an invited lecture and led a workshop at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Oct. 16–17. The lecture, “Looking Daring–Daring to Look: Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s Journeys of Discovery,” connected to an interdisciplinary exhibit at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, titled “Mapping ‘Knoxville’ across Time, Media, and Cultures: Tracing Unexplored Connections between the Wok or Cormac McCarthy, Annemarie Schwarzenbach, and Buddy and the Huddle.” The workshop, Intercultural Knowledge and Competence–Exploring Connections: Making Meaning of Foreign and Familiar Matters, contributed to the University of Tennessee’s Ready for the World program. Audiences and participants explored connections between their own personal and cultural identities and identity narratives emerging from the biographies, literary works, photographs, and travel journal articles of Annemarie Schwarzenbach (1908–1942).

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth presented a research paper titled “Ecocide and Genocide in Marica Bodrožić’s Short Story ‘Der Lilienliebhaber: Lover of Lilies’” at the 8th Biennial Conference of the European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture, and Environment (EASLCE) Sept. 2629 at the University of Würzburg, Germany. Scholars from 32 countries presented and discussed their ecocritical work on the conference theme The Garden: Ecological Paradigms of Space, History, and Community. Berroth’s paper integrates summer research completed at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach, Germany, and is part of the introductory chapter of her current monograph on Marica Bodrožić’s work.

September 2018

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth, serving as President of the South Texas Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German, hosted the Association’s annual convention at Southwestern University on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. Collaborating with Assistant Professor of Computer Science Jacob Schrum, she taught hands-on workshops on integrating STEM and German. Welcoming high school and college German teachers from the region to SU’s campus is a community outreach initiative that supports articulated curricular development, mentoring, and resource sharing while increasing the visibility of our campus and our programs in Modern Languages and Literatures. Recognized for her outreach initiatives and appointed as an Ortslektorin (local lecturer) for Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service), a professional network of 850 members worldwide, Berroth recently received a $600 resource grant from the DAAD and the German government to build a collection of contemporary German literature.

July 2018

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth is co-authoring Grenzenlos Deutschan Inclusive Curriculum for the German Classroom with colleagues in Vienna, Austria, during the month of July. This project is sponsored by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant to advance the Digital Humanities. Earlier this summer Berroth completed research at Deutsches Literatur Archiv Marbach, Germany, as well as a project supported by a Sam Taylor Fellowship at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.

May 2018

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth organized a community outreach event which welcomed 20 students and their teachers from Paul Klee Gymnasium in Gersthofen (close to Augsburg), Germany to Southwestern. On a German American Partnership Program, GAPP, those students took a campus tour and interacted with student of German in classes and during lunch. Since 1972, GAPP has been funded by the German Foreign Office and is the only short-term exchange program that receives an assistance award from the U.S. Department of State. The SU German Program regularly collaborates with German teachers at McNeil and Westwood High Schools, inspiring intercultural understanding, promoting German language instruction, and motivating personal friendships across cultures. This marks the 5th bi-annual partnership collaboration. The German program thanks Director of Community-Engaged Learning Sarah Brackmann and Faculty Administrative Assistant Susie Bullock for their support.

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth participated in the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., April 1215, 2018. She presented two papers. One introduced SU’s innovative experience abroad for student-athletes on a round table titled “Outreach Strategies and Innovative Teaching in Small German Program Building.” The other, titled “Slow Violence in Marica Bodrožić’s Memory Narratives,” introduced eco-critical perspectives on Bodrožić’s trilogy, which is part of Berroth’s monograph project.

  • German majors Melina Boutris, class of 2021, and Martin Lopez, class of 2018, presented their research projects at the University of North Texas Undergraduate German Studies Conference in Denton on April 15, 2018. Boutris presented her analysis of German Hip-Hop artist and rapper Samy Delux’s representation of his relationship to German identifications in “Dis wo ich herkomm.” Lopez presented his analysis of German chancellor Merkel’s position during the 2015 European solidarity crisis in response to refugees fleeing war and persecution. Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth mentored both students.

March 2018

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth completed a review of “Framing Islam: Faith, Fascination, and Fear in Twenty-First Century German Culture,” a special issue of Colloquia Germanica: Internationale Zeitschrift für Germanistik, guest-edited by Heidi Denzel de Tirado and Faye Stewart. The review appears in the 2018 Women in German Yearbook: Feminist Studies in German Literature & Culture.

February 2018

  • The February Newsletter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) features a report on Southwestern’s First Annual Poetry Slam. Part-time adjunct Assistant Professor of German Michelle Reyes and Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth organized this event to promote community engagement and intercultural learning through spoken word art. AATG co-sponsored the event with a Deutsch macht Spaß(German is fun) grant.

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth completed peer review for 11 research presentations and 94 session proposals submitted for the 2018 convention of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Each member of the team of three reviewers is appointed by the Presidents of those organizations, recognizing their experience and expertise, to serve as representative for the profession at the K–12, College, and Research University levels. Team members are responsible for reviewing portions of the proposals submitted across all levels of instruction. They perform this substantial service to the profession using an elaborate, nationally recognized rubric that includes addressing relevance, content, purpose, outcomes, and strategies for engagement for each proposed conference contribution.

  • Communications major Shea C. Brewer, class of 2019, had his final project in a course on Feminist Fairy Tales accepted for publication in the online literary journal Spider Mirror. His teacher and mentor for the project is Visiting Assistant Professor of German Michelle Reyes. Spider Mirroris a blog-style journal that seeks to promote and support the arts in all its modern forms. Brewer’s tale, The “Seven” Dwarfs, explores the potential untold story of an eighth dwarf by the name of Leery, with a twist on the picture perfect image of classic Snow White.

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth presented a moderated talk on “Global Football: Integrating Academics, Athletics and Intercultural Learning” for the HEDS UP session at the 104th annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) on Jan. 24–27, 2018, in Washington, DC. Out of more than 450 proposals received, fewer than 20 percent were accepted, and Berroth’s presentation was one of five selected for this TED Talk-inspired format. Berroth introduced a large audience to Southwestern’s innovative short-term embedded experience abroad for student athletes in our football program. With the small set of data from the first two programs in Germany and Italy, she is beginning to track how SU’s approach can lower barriers for students typically underserved or underrepresented in traditional study abroad programs, including men, student athletes, students of color, and first generation students.

December 2017

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth has been accepted to co-organize a section for the XIV. Kongress der Internationalen Vereinigung für Germanistik (IVG) in Palermo, Italy, July 26–Aug. 2, 2020, with the theme “Wege der Germanistik in transkulturellen Perspektiven.” The section is titled “Behinderungen und Herausforderungen –– Disability Studies in der Germanistik,” inviting work on the intersections of Disability Studies and German Studies. IVG, fostering international collaborations in German Studies, has been meeting in a different country every 5th year since 1951. Berroth’s organizing team includes Dr. Federica La Manna, University of Calabria, Arcavacata, Italy, Dr. Waltraud Maierhofer, University of Iowa, and Dr. Nina Schmidt, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. The section reflects interdisciplinary collaborations between the fine arts, humanities, and natural sciences. Co-organizers are planning to publish an edited volume coordinated with the conference. Berroth, who teaches and mentors students in the “Global Health” Paideia theme, looks forward to connecting with her colleagues on integrating STEM and German, especially through the Einstein-Projekt Patho/Graphics at the Free University of Berlin.

  • The Southwestern University’s German Program, with leadership from Part-time Assistant Professor of German Michelle Reyes and support from Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth and Administrative Assistant Susie Bullock, hosted the First Annual SU Poetry Slam. A grant from the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) Deutsch macht Spaß, part of the German government’s Netzwerk Deutsch program, augmented by funding from Community Engaged Learning and the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, provided for an evening of poetry readings and competition. The goal of the event was to build community by celebrating spoken word art in all its forms with a special focus on German poetry. We had a wonderful turnout with an audience of about seventy from Southwestern’s campus, our local community, and the greater Austin area. The event included a sponsored reading by Poetry Co-Editor for Chicon Street Poetry Journal, Nancy Lili Gonzalez. Another highlight of the evening was the event’s Master of Ceremonies, Joe Brundidge, author of Element 615 and co-host of KOOP 91.7’s Writing On the Air. The presenters included students, faculty, members of local associations and local Austin artists, speaking in German, Chinese, Spanish, and English. Our student presenters, some offering their own original work, included Andrew Jezisek, class of 2021, majoring in German and Education, Melina Boutris, class of 2021, majoring in German and Special Education, Claire Harding, class of 2020, who pursues a Physics major and German minor. Furthermore, we applauded Molly Cardenas, class of 2018, English major and Feminist Studies minor, Chris Cunningham, class of 2019  Communication Studies major, Jordy Goodman, class of 2018  Feminist studies major and German minor, Christine Gutierrez, class of 2020, Studio Arts major, Shea Brewer, class of 2019,  Communication Studies major, and Gamah Toney, class of 2020, Computer Science major and minoring in Studio Arts. Congratulations to all!

  • Associate Professor of German Erika Berroth participated in the 2017 joined conference of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and the American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 17–19. Berroth organized two panels, sponsored by the Coalition of Women in German, on approaches to teaching about Syrian refugees in Germany with a focus on solidarity and social justice. Her contribution focused on normalizing representations of the presence and participation of refugees in German culture through the integration of genres and content in Intermediate level courses. Furthermore, Berroth presented her research and teaching on Climate Fiction on a panel titled “Inventions, Innovations, Connections: STEM and German Literature.” A member of the AATG leadership team on diversity and inclusion “Alle lernen Deutsch” and the special interest group “Small Undergraduate German Programs,” Berroth contributed to national discussions on improving teaching and learning modern languages for people with disabilities. Berroth introduced initial strategies developed by her NEH grant working group for offering open access materials in a Digital Humanities Advancement project.