Family Day

We welcome parents to participate in campus activities throughout the year, including public lectures, performances and athletic events.  We acknowledge that families visit their students when most convenient or simply when they are missing one another. The University also provides  a more formal opportunity for families to visit campus and take part in programming designed for parents once each semester.


Grace Pyka

Grace Pyka

Director of Parent Relations


Grace Pyka

Grace Pyka

Director of Parent Relations


Families are encouraged to attend Homecoming,  a Southwestern tradition since 1909. Programming and activities for Southwestern families will be held at Homecoming.

Homecoming Highlights

  • Jameson 5K
  • Tailgating
  • Pirate Athletics
  • Homecoming Picnic
  • Student Organization Activities
  • Live Music
  • Homecoming Worship Service
 Spring Family Day

Families are invited to attend Spring Family Day, held in conjunction with Charter Day Weekend, February 4-5, 2022. View the full schedule here.

 Register to attend by January 30!