Below you will find a list of our current or recent offerings. See the course catalog for descriptions and updated information.

  • 04-104 Introduction to Feminist Studies
    An introduction to the subject matter and methodology of feminist studies. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-104. (H) (ScS) (SJ) (W
  • 04-124 Introduction to Feminist Philosophy
    See Philosophy 18-194. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-194. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-134 Latina/o Identities
    See Philosophy 18-124. Also Latin American and Border Studies 06-514 and Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-124. (H)
  • 04-164 Gender and Politics
    See Political Science 32-374. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-164. (ScS)
  • 04-184 Theories of Race
    See Philosophy 18-184. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-184. (H)
  • 04-204 Intellectual Histories of Feminism
    This course traces the intellectual traditions of contemporary feminist theories and practices. Topics will include feminist methodologies and the formation of, and challenges to, the discipline of Feminist Studies. Prerequisite: Feminist Studies 04-104. (Fall, biennially) (H) (WA) .
  • 04-224 Women, Goddesses and Religion
    See Religion 19-324. Also Anthropology 35-364. (H) (IP) (WA)
  • 04-234 Gender and Sexuality
    See Sociology 34-234. (ScS)
  • 04-254 Sustainable Food & Agriculture
    See Environmental Studies 49-284. (ScS) (SJ)
  • 04-264 The Body and Sexuality in Religion
    See Religion 19-364. (H) (IP)
  • 04-274 Art in China Since 1911
    See Art History 71-264. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-284. (FAL) (WA) (IP)
  • 04-284 Topics in Feminist Theory
    Using an interdisciplinary framework, this course traces key debates in contemporary feminist theory. Areas of concentration might include theories of the body, queer theory, migration and borders, critical race theory, or methodology. (H)
  • 04-294 Childhood and Youth
    See Sociology 34-274. (ScS)
  • 04-314 Ecofeminists and Queer Greens
    This course focuses on the relationships among feminist, queer and environmental movements. It examines theoretical debates over connections among woman, sex and nature; discusses feminist and queer strategies for environmental injustices; explores human/animal relations and traces the theoretical and practical gaps in different models of ecofeminism. Also Environmental Studies 49-314. Prerequisite: Feminist Studies 04-104 or Environmental Studies 49-104.
  • 04-324 Race, Class and Gender in the Caribbean
    See Anthropology 35-244. Also Latin American and Border Studies, and Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-344. (ScS) (SJ)
  • 04-334 Latina/o and Latin American Spiritualit
    See Anthropology 35-254. Also Environmental Studies 49-254, Latin American and Border Studies 06-764 and Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-354. (SJ) (ScS)
  • 04-344 Animals and Religion
    See Religion 19-344. Also Environmental Studies 49-344. (H)
  • 04-354 Witch, Queen, Prostitute, Wife
    See History 16-394. (H) (IP)
  • 04-364 The Embodied Self
    See Philosophy 18-324. (H)
  • 04-374 Feminist Ethics
    See Philosophy 18-374. (H) .
  • 04-384 History of Human Rights
    See History 16-384. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-394 Gender & Sexuality in Native America
    See Religion 19-354. (H)
  • 04-404 Women and Politics
    See Political Science 32-434. (ScS) (SJ)
  • 04-414 Feminism and Art History
    See Art History 71-554. (Biennially) (FAL) (WA) (SJ)
  • 04-424 Race & Ethnicity in the U.S.
    See History 16-414 Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-654. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-434 Sick, Ill, and Twisted: Race, Sex, and
    This course surveys constructions of illness, disability and embodied difference. Drawing on insights from disability studies and feminist, queer, and critical race theory, assumptions about normal and abnormal bodies and minds will be examined. Topics to be addressed include medical and political models of disability, the transnational freak show circuit, the possibility of deaf and disability cultures, local and global disparities in health care, and the unequal distribution of illness and disability across gender, race, class and nation. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-434. (H)
  • 04-444 Feminist Studies in German
    See German 12-454. (H)
  • 04-454 Race & Immigration Spanish Literature
    See Spanish 15-454. (H) (WA)
  • 04-464 Feminist and Queer Activism
    This course will address topics including: definitions and concepts of activism, characteristics of feminist and queer activism; the relationship between activist practices and theoretical histories; and possible points of connection among feminist, queer and anti-racist theories and movements. Students will be required to engage in activist projects of their choosing, either individually or in collaboration with other students in the class. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-464. (H)
  • 04-474 Gender and Generation in Africa
    See History 16-474. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-474 and Anthropology 35-274. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-484 Communication, Culture & Social Justice
    See Communication Studies 75-434. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-504. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-494 Global Environmental Justice
    See Anthropology 35-334. Also Environmental Studies 49-444 and Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-334. (SJ) (ScS)
  • 04-504 Identity and Media
    See Communication Studies 75-614. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-514. (H)
  • 04-514 Borderlands and Religion
    See Religion 19-314. Also Latin American and Border Studies 06-554. (H)
  • 04-524 Race and Ethnicity
    See Sociology 34-264. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-264. (ScS)
  • 04-534 Rhetoric of Womens Rights
    See Communication Studies 75-264. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-554 Feminist Film Theory
    See English 10-454 (H).
  • 04-564 Gender and Communication
    See Communication Studies 75-564. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-574 Topics in Womens Literature
    See English 10-854. (H)
  • 04-584 Social Class in the U.S. See Sociology
    See Sociology 34-324. (ScS)
  • 04-604 Topics in Literature and Culture
    See French 11-604.
  • 04-614 Theatre for Social Change: History and
    See Theatre 74-614. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-624. (FAP) (SJ)
  • 04-634 Topics in Romanticism
    See English 10-664. (H)
  • 04-644 Music and Identity
    See Communication Studies 75-644. (H)
  • 04-654 Gender, Race & Nationalism in Spanish
    See Spanish 15-644. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-644. (WA) (H)
  • 04-664 Topics in Victorian Literature and
    See English 10-674. (H)
  • 04-694 Topics in Contemporary Literature
    See English 10-8644. (H)
  • 04-714 Topics in Performance Studies
    See Theatre 73-714. Also Communication Studies 75-514. (FAP) (WA)
  • 04-724 Feminism and Performance
    See Theatre 73-724. Also Communication Studies 75-524 (FAP) (WA) (SJ)
  • 04-734 Transnational Identity Narratives
    See German 12-714. Also Environmental Studies 49-714. (H) (IP)
  • 04-744 Texts/Contexts
    This course provides practice in close readings of texts as they relate to multiple fields of study. Topics may include Self and Other, Genius and Madness, the Figure of the Artist, Memory and Identity, Texts of Catastrophes, Transnational Writing in German or Texts of German Environmentalism. Students continue to enlarge their repertoire of strategies for processing meaning and practice increasingly sophisticated modes of expression. Intensive work develops advanced proficiency in academic writing for research purposes and oral expression. May be repeated with change in topic. Prerequisite: One course from German 12-314, 12-334, or 12-354. (H) (WA)
  • 04-764 American Ethnic Literature
    See English 10-874. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-764. (H) (SJ)
  • 04-774 Slavery & Freedom in the Atlantic World
    See History 16-454. Also Race and Ethnicity Studies 37-584. (H) (SJ) (IP)
  • 04-784 The Tudors: Politics & Culture,1485-1603
    See History 16-354. (H) (IP)
  • 04-934 Senior Seminar
    (Spring) (WA)