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Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom
Feedback & Grading: Designing Effective, Efficient Strategies
Giving Students Voice and Agency In Our Courses
Inclusive Pedagogies: Creating an Inclusive Classroom Climate: What Does the Research Say, and How Do We Do It?
Mid-Semester Feedback - The University of Texas Faculty Innovation Center
Pedagogies for Making Connections
Supporting Students in Distress
Syllabus Design - Preparing a Learner-Centered Syllabus - Sara Fulmer, The Learning Scientists Blog

Advising:  Supporting Student Success with Pre-Advising Reflective Writing

Community-Engaged Learning:  See the Office of Community-Engaged Learning for resources and support for CEL.

Teaching Writing:  The Debby Ellis Writing Center has extensive faculty resources related to the teaching of writing, as well as resources for students writing in the disciplines.

Digital Liberal Arts:  Digital Scholarship @ Southwestern University” showcases major SU digital projects and provides guides to digital tools for teaching and scholarship.  See the Research and Digital Scholarship department at the Smith Library for additional resources and support.

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Peer Review

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Professional Image, Profile, and Discoverability


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