Dean of the Faculty

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness provides and coordinates information utilized for Southwestern University decision-making, reporting, assessment, and accreditation. On this page you will find links to Facts & Figures and Survey & Data Reports for student, faculty and alumni.

Common Data Set

Institutions of higher education provide a common data set to those who are seeking information, thus reducing the reporting burden. The Common Data Set includes information on a college’s enrollment, library holdings, housing, tuition, financial aid, class size and degrees conferred. (updated 12/2019)

Quick Facts

A single-page report with information about students enrolled. (updated 1/2020)


The Southwestern University Factbook provides statistical and graphical information about undergraduate enrollment, admissions, academic majors and minors, faculty, and other topics. The Factbook serves as an official source of information for students, faculty, and staff. (updated 10/2019)

Class Profile

A two-page historical profile of first-year students at the University with respect to academic performance, standardized testing, minority representation, financial aid distribution, and geographic distribution. These data are generated by the Office of Admission. (updated 9/2019)

Retention Rates

Historical profiles of the enrollment counts and persistence percentages of students by entering first-year and transfer cohort. (updated 1/2020)

Graduation Rates
Degrees and Majors
  • Historical profile of the number of degrees conferred by degree type as well as various tables detailing the number of degrees conferred by both first and second majors.  (updated 6/2020)
  • List of majors and minor with the corresponding Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code.  (updated 8/2019)
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) Report

The EADA Report discloses athletic program participation rates and financial support data for a 12-month period and should be made available to students, prospective students and the public. (updated 10/2019)

Student Achievement
Student Achievement at Southwestern University:  A summary of student achievement measures. (updated 11/2019)
Faculty Demographics

(updated 6/2020)

Peer/Aspirant Institutions

(updated 9/2019)