Staff Steering

The mission of the Staff Steering Committee (SSC) is to give all members of the staff the opportunity for a voice and engagement in the governance of the Southwestern community.

The Staff Steering Committee is a representative body of non-faculty employees that provides a forum for all staff and works to strengthen the lines of communication across the University, to discuss issues of importance to staff, to develop common approaches to them, and to advise the staff as a whole.

SSC meetings are held monthly during the academic year and staff are welcome to attend. Notices of meeting times and locations are shared through Staff Steering Committee Google Calendar, Campus Notices, and email. Meeting Minutes and Agendas are located on the SSC SU Public Information shared drive on your Google Drive. In your Google Drive on the left side, click Shared drives below My Drive, then double click SSC SU Public Information.

To contact the Staff Steering Committee, please send an email to:

Suggestion Box

The Staff Steering Committee (SSC) would like your constructive suggestions and ideas! Please visit the Suggestion Box to submit your recommendations. Thank you!

Free School

Free School is a way for staff and faculty to share their talents with others in a fun way to build community. Free School classes typically start in mid-May and run through the May and some into June. Participation is free and supplies will be provided through the Free School program. There are no grades or evaluations, it’s just learning for the joy of it. Plan to join in the fun and learn something new.