Facilities Management

Work Order Request

Submit a Work order Request

You can submit and track Facilities Management Work Requests using Asset Essentials from any device with a web browser. At this time, Asset Essentials is the only place to submit work order requests to the Facilities Management — only emergencies should be submitted by telephone and followed-up with a work order to Asset Essentials. This page details the registration process and how to submit a work request through Asset Essentials.

Quick Step Guide for Requesters

Open your Internet Browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.) and go to or click on the following link:https://assetessentials.dudesolutions.com/southwestern

How do I log in?
There’s a new portal to submit your work requests online. You can find it at URL above.

You will also have new login credentials:
Login: your email address
Password: Newuser1!

You will be asked to reset your password upon logging in. Your new password should be 6-20
characters in length and has at least a character in A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and a special character

How do I make a request?
When you are ready to make a work request, here are some help guides and video resources to
help you through the process:

If you need assistance with the work order process contact Facilities Management at 512.863.1914.