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Work Order Request

Submit a Work order Request

You can submit and track Physical Plant Work Requests using SCHOOLDUDE from any device with a web browser. At this time, SCHOOLDUDE is the only place to submit work order requests to the SU Physical Plant — only emergencies should be submitted by telephone and followed-up with a work order to schooldude. This page details the registration process and how to submit a work request through SCHOOLDUDE.

Quick Step Guide for Requesters

(Note: Please read the following instructions below before accessing SCHOOLDUDE)

  • Schooldude has made a recent change for requesters. All requesters will be required to have a username and password to submit a work order. Note: The submittal password provided below is different than your user password for logging in.
  • If this is the first time to submit a work order you will need to click on the link on the bottom of the page “Never Submitted a Request? Register Here”. This is a one time registration to enter your information and get a username and password. The account number when registering is 184216944.
  • If you have entered a work order previously (before the username and password was required), hit the “Forgot Password” which will guide you through the steps of setting up your username and password. 
  • Pay special attention to Step 7: Type in the submittal password: sufixit this is required EVERY TIME you submit a request. It is NOT your SUeID password or your User Password for logging in. 

Step 1: Initial fields on the form will be pre-populated with information associated with your e-mail address.

Step 2: Click on the drop down arrow and highlight the Location of the work to be performed or the location of the problem. Follow the same steps for Building and Area if selections are availableRoom number is located in in the Building drop down menu, click the binoculars next to Building and click the appropriate room number. Enter additional location information in the Area field via the drop down menu or by entering text in the Area box. >


Step 3: Select the icon that best describes your problem. OR Select the appropriate Problem Type from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Enter a detailed description of the problem

Step 5: Enter the best time for a technician to arrive, ifone is available

Step 6: Select a purpose code if available

Step 7: Enter the submittal password: sufixit. You must use this password every time you submit a request. Do not use your SUeID password!)

Step 8: Click SUBMIT to enter the work request. Your name will be added to the list of registered requesters, if you are not already registered.

After you click SUBMIT, the screen will refresh and go to the My Request Tab.

On this screen you will see up to date information on your request including the status, work order number and action taken notes. You can click on the work order number, next the to status description, to see all request marked with that status. You can search for work order requests by entering a keyword in the Search box and clicking on GO. Work orders matching the keyword will be displayed. “keys” would find any request(s) containing the word “keys.”

Click on the Work Request Tab to input a new request.

If you need any assistance, please call SchoolDude Client Service at 877-883-8337 or send an email to support@schooldude.com