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Mood-Bridwell Renovation

Welcome Center, First-Year Residence Hall, and Second-Year Residence hall

Library Releveling


Other Ongoing Projects

Recently Completed Projects

Mood-Bridwell Renovation

Projected Completion: February 2025

Mood-Bridwell Hall, built in 1908 to serve as a men’s residence hall, is undergoing an extensive renovation that will blend 21st-century technology with the building’s deep history. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the renovated Mood-Bridwell will include spaces for gatherings and performances, new classrooms, and a coffeehouse. The south-facing upper terrace will also be reopened for outdoor classroom use and social gatherings. A “swing space” in Mundy was created for faculty and staff temporarily displaced by the project. The Upward Bound program was also permanently relocated to Mundy.


  • Linbeck, the project’s contractor, mobilized on the site during the week of Sept. 18.
  • Interior demolition is underway.
  • Guaranteed maximum price has been finalized.
  • Kitchell has been selected as the Project Management Firm.


Welcome Center, First-Year & Second-Year Residence Halls

Projected Completion: August 2025

On the east side of campus, construction will begin in March 2024 on a first-year, mixed-use residence hall and a new welcome center.

The Welcome Center will be the new home of the Office of Admission and Financial Aid. It will also include these amenities:

  • Art Gallery
  • Cafe
  • Theatre
  • Meeting spaces

First-Year Residence Hall Amenities:

  • Study/lounge spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Yoga and pilates studios

A new, mixed-use residence hall for second-year students will be located immediately south of Ruter Hall. Amenities will include:

  • Study/lounge spaces.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Yoga and pilates studios.


  • Facilities Management is working with the City of Georgetown and HARC to finalize the demolition of the Kyle E. White Activities Center and the McCook-Crain Building to make way for the new first-year residence hall and welcome center. A review of the buildings by HARC has been performed. We are waiting for approval from the City of Georgetown to demolish. Once demolished, the cornerstones from both buildings will be placed in Distinctive Collections.
  • Kirksey has been chosen as the architect for the new welcome center and both of the new residence halls.
  • Construction documents are 90% complete.
  • The guaranteed maximum price is being finalized.
  • Kitchell has been selected as the Project Management Firm.


Library Releveling

Projected Completion: Phase 1- February 2024, Phase 2 - August 2024

The releveling project addresses the shifting of the foundation under the Cody Memorial/Distinctive Collections side of the Smith Library Center. The university took advantage of the closure to make a number of upgrades.

In addition to releveling the foundation, Phase 1 includes repair of damaged interior walls and upgrades to interior finishes. The air conditioning system is also being replaced to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity for items preserved in Distinctive Collections.

Phase 2 includes building envelope repair (masonry repairs, window replacement, etc.).


  • Phase 1 work is ongoing.



Although we are excited to see new construction on our campus, it often affects parking. Stay up to date with the most recent parking changes.

* Dates are subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen delays.

Lots Currently Open:

  • Cullen Building/Admission Center Parking Lot
  • Field House Parking Lot
  • Finch Plaza (Chapel Parking Lot)
  • Fine Arts Center Parking Lot
  • Lord Residential Center Parking Lot
  • Maple Street Parking
  • McCombs Campus Center Parking Lot
  • Parking North of Moses Field
  • West Mundy/Studio Parking Lot
  • South Mundy Parking Lot
  • Softball Parking Lot
  • Outreach Center Parking Lot
  • Robertson Center / Brown-Cody Parking Lot
  • Soule Drive Parking
  • Southwestern Boulevard Parking
  • Tennis Court Parking Lot

Lots Currently Closed or Partially Closed:

  • Dorothy Lord Residential Center Parking Lot: Closed
  • Maple Street Field Parking Lot: Closed
  • Parking East of Phi Delta Theta House: Closed. McKenzie Ave. will also remain closed, with plans to reopen in January. 

ADA Accessible Parking & Routes

No accessible parking spaces have been eliminated. If accessible parking spots or routes become blocked by construction, new temporary spots and routes will be created to replace them. Please reach out to Facilities Management at 512.863.1300 if you have any questions or concerns about accessible parking or routes. 


Other Ongoing Projects

ADA Accessible Projects


  • McCombs Center Construction Area: Facilities immediately contacted the construction foreman to have his team relocate the barricades that were impeding the ADA walk path to the McCombs Campus Center. They will keep the path cleared at all times, excluding the need for transportation of materials, in which case traffic will be guided to an alternate path, or access will be granted to those in need of the ADA access points.
  • Kappa Sigma House Construction Area: An ADA ramp is available along the walk path. Please see ADA path map for routes around this area.
  • Olin Hall (First Floor): The bathrooms in Olin Hall have been assessed to meet ADA compliance regarding door opening pressure (not exceeding 5 lbs).

Ongoing Projects:

  • Mundy Hall: We acknowledge the accessibility challenges in Mundy Hall and are exploring solutions to make it more accessible. We are also inquiring about the possibility of obtaining waivers that allow access to the second floor for students, faculty and staff needing ADA accommodations.
  • Fine Arts Building: We are seeking estimates for adding a handrail at the elbow-turn of the ramp to enhance accessibility.
  • Lois Perkins Chapel: We are currently working on signage that indicates the ADA access to the east side plaza.
  • Campus Building Door Panels: We will work with Information Technology to address card access to buildings after working hours and on weekends, as well as enable auto-hinge assistance during those hours.
  • Jones Theater: We understand that many areas within Jones Theater do not meet ADA compliance. This is primarily due to set construction in the workshop. We are exploring ways to address these issues and ensure accessibility, including providing additional workspace for the theater areas.
  • Mabee Residence Hall: Due to the steep incline of the current west entrance, Facilities is seeking estimates to create an alternate ADA-compliant path for the west entrance.

The Facilities Management Department has completed all walkthroughs with contractors for these projects. They are still on track to meet their deadline of October 27 to have all estimates in hand for review.



Southwestern has hired Maldonado Nursey and Landscaping to provide campus landscaping and turf maintenance. Their services include landscape design to improve campus aesthetics, including greater attention to using native and drought-tolerant plants. All handheld blowers, trimmers, and edgers will be battery-operated in efforts to support Southwestern’s commitment to sustainability.


  • A proposal for new landscaping is currently being developed on the Admission Tour Route and near the Marvin D. Henderson Tennis Center. Upon proposal completion, ideas will be presented to senior staff.


Chilled Water Loop & Chilled Water Plant
Scheduled Completion: New Satellite Plant - January 2024, Chilled Water Loop - Summer 2025

Southwestern is significantly updating and upgrading its chilled water loop and central plant to insure uninterrupted and reliable cooling to campus buildings.


  • The upgrades to the existing chilled water plant are complete.
  • The loop construction is currently moving southeast toward the existing Central Plant. McKenzie Ave. and Phi Delta Theta lot are scheduled to reopen after Winter Break.
  • Replacement of the chilled water loop is necessary due to the age of the existing loop and the numerous breaks that have occurred over the last several years. The chilled water loop is critical to the provision of cooling for the majority of our campus buildings.
  • A new satellite plant on the east side of campus will add redundancy and additional capacity to accommodate new construction.


McCombs Campus Center Pergola
Design in Progress

With the loss of the large oak tree near McComb’s south entrance—damaged beyond repair during our most recent winter ice storm—Facilities will be creating a new, covered outdoor seating area.


  • The concrete pad has been poured, and precast benches have been returned.
  • Facilities Management will begin constructing the new pergola once it is received.


The Cove Decor
Scheduled Completion: Spring 2024

A student task force is working to decorate the Cove to bring back some of its beloved features. The task force is seeking broad input from the student body, and will work with the Office of Marketing and Communications to bring their ideas to life. The beloved booths will be back soon. Aramark has purchased new booths and anticipates their arrival soon. 


  • The Cove continues to take shape. We have received an update from our booth vendor that the booths are built and will ship soon.
  • The remainder of the indoor furniture will arrive by the end of the semester.
  • Concepts for new wall decor have been approved by student members of the Cove Decor Task Force and quotes are being collected.


The Commons
Scheduled Completion: Spring 2024

Renderings: Commons Wall Decor

The Commons just keeps getting better! After upgrades to the Servery and the Commons this summer, we plan to complete the Commons dining space with new branding. Soon you will see new wall wraps and decor that give you a sense of place and pay tribute to our storied past.


  • Quotes for branding items have been secured and funding is being finalized.


New Restaurant
Scheduled Completion: Spring 2025

Planning will begin soon for a farm-to-table concept restaurant that will replace the former Pirate’s Tavern/Outreach Center at 1205 Maple.


  • Houses on the property were saved and relocated.
  • Asbestos abatement in the building is being scheduled.
  • Demolition will be completed by the end of the year.


New Multi-purpose Sports Complex
Scheduled Completion: August 2025

In partnership with Athletics, Facilities Management is making preparations to build a new multi-purpose sports complex and stadium on the site of the current football practice field east of campus. The complex will not only serve as a venue for athletic events but also Southwestern’s Commencement Convocation and other large events.


  • MSA has been selected as the architect.
  • Geotech and site surveys are complete and in hand, so MSA can now begin architectural design.
  • Facilities will work with AD Ken Ralph to facilitate the design.

Recently Completed Projects

Pickleball Courts

Pickelball Courts located in the First-Year Courtyard and the McCombs Residential Center are not just your ordinary playing grounds; they are adorned with vibrant SU yellow court paint, equipped with lights to facilitate evening games for students, and thoughtfully designed with ramps to ensure accessibility for all, in line with ADA guidelines. 


Robertson Center Upgrades and Additions

In Robertson, student-athletes will benefit from a women’s locker room upgrade, a new team meeting room, and an audio/video studio.


New Servery in the Commons

The newly refreshed Commons Servery features fresh, modern aesthetics and a completely reimagined dining hall.

The Servery features an open-concept kitchen, and the space has been opened up with the expansion of the entryway to the Commons dining area. The Servery also features an impressive brick oven, where specialty pizzas are created using dough made in-house. A revamped sauté station includes enhanced displays and made-to-order, personalized dishes. The breakfast bar has also undergone an expansion, offering a variety of choices including waffles, cereals, and a constant flow of freshly brewed coffee—available during all open hours to cater to different schedules. The dessert section, previously tucked away, is now displayed upfront, offering an array of sweet treats.


Baseball Field Seating

New seating has been installed at Rockwall Family Baseball Field to provide a more comfortable in-game experience for fans.

New Baseball Seats


Chapel Window Light

The light has been restored to the Chapel windows! Once again the beautiful stained glass can be seen at night.



Bishops Lounge

Bishop’s Lounge is once again a true lounge space, with areas to relax, visit, study, or play a rousing game of ping pong. Electrical outlets have been fixed so students can use them to plug in laptops and other electronic devices.


Other Recently Completed Projects