Scheduling Facilities

Request a Facility (25Live Pro)

25Live Pro


To request Southwestern facilities, faculty, staff and student organization leaders should go to the University’s scheduling system–25Live Pro.

Schedule a Facility

All academic scheduling (classes, labs, etc.) is handled by the Office of the Registrar and takes precedence in event scheduling and facilities usage. No events involving students are to be scheduled during periods designated “study days” or “final examinations.” Meetings involving faculty may be scheduled during the period from the beginning of final examinations through the deadline for semester grades only if there is urgent semester-end business to be transacted. Exceptions to these restrictions must be approved in advance by the provost.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • All faculty and staff  are eligible to use 25Live Pro. New staff members should sign in to the system using their SUID and then contact the events office at ext. 1480 or 1467 to be moved to the correct security group for full use of the system.

    Student organization leadersmust attend a training session conducted by Student Life to be eligible to use 25Live Pro.

    The entire Southwestern student bodycan use 25Live Pro to reserve spaces in the Prothro Center for study sessions.

    External Community - Community members must contact the following staff to inquire about renting facilities: 

  • Classrooms

    Classrooms cannot be reserved until after the first day of each semester.  They must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.  If special circumstances require an earlier reservation of a classroom, it should be cleared through the Records Office before making the reservation in 25Live Pro.  

    Classrooms are automatically reserved in 25Live Pro when requested.  (Meaning no one will see the request and approve it.)

    Event Facilities (Not in the Fine Arts Center)

    Event facilities must be requested a minimum of 10 days in advanceof the event.  Event facility requests do have to be approved so your request is not automatically approved.  Requesters should watch for emails regarding approval of facility requests, setups, and audiovisual.  These approvals will each come separately.

    Event Facilities in the Alma Thomas Fine Arts Center

    Requests for Fine Arts Center spaces must be done 2 weeks in advance.  Approval is required for these facilities.

  • The Event Wizard in 25Live Pro walks you through the process.  Please read the information on the left and right sides of the pages for guidance.  Please note that in order for your facility request to be approved for events not in classrooms, you must include set up layout (Locations page) and all the furnishings needed for that set up (Resources page).  The Event Wizard will remind you of that if you read the left and right sides of the pages.

  • The original requester can edit his request.  Find the request in 25Live Pro and select “edit.”  Make the changes (edits) or change the event state to “Cancelled.”  Please note that editing an event can remove some of the original information.  Check each page as you work through your edit to be sure your date, time, location, etc are still in the request.



If you want to promote your event on the Southwestern University website, you need to create a separate event in LiveWhale, Southwestern’s content management system. After your event has been created and approved in Series25 Pro, login to your LiveWhale account and create a listing. A typical event takes no more than five minutes to create.