For Students

Graduation Checklist

    • Senior Kickoff - Rentsch Brewery (September 16, 2021) 6:30 - 8:30 pm
    • Fall Senior Social - Dale’s Essenhaus in Walburg (October 23, 2021) 
    • December Graduate Celebration & Tower Signing (December 2, 2021)
    • Graduation Fair (March 1, 2022)
    • Commencement Convocation (May 7, 2022)
    • The deadline for cap & gown orders is TBD

    Check the Commencement Schedule page for more details.

  • Caps & Gowns can be ordered here .

    • Robe rental ordering will begin March 1 at the Grad Fair
    • The cap and gown rental fee is TBD
    • The deadline for ordering cap and gown is TBD 

    Southwestern Rings can be ordered by contacting Balfour at 866-225-3687 or San Jose Jewelers at 254-666-5455.

  • Please reach out to your Academic Department to inquire about cords, as each individual department is responsible for issuing cords.

    • Contact the Business Office  to be sure that your student account does not have a balance due. Incidental charges like library fines, traffic tickets, discipline fines, student health services charges, etc. could have been invoiced since your last payment.
    • All Seniors are required to set up Direct Deposit at . This will allow the Business Office to make necessary refunds on student accounts as well as housing deposit refunds.
    •  Exit counseling will help you understand the next steps for keeping your student loans in good standing and help to ensure your loan repayment is seamless and successful. 
    • This applies only to students with loans.  A mailing regarding the exit counseling process will be sent in May, after the end of the spring semester.
    • Contact the Office of Financial Aid  with any questions. 
    • We will be holding multiple Tower Signings this year, but due to current restrictions, these signings will be by appointment only (we hope this will change as the semester goes).
    • Dates and times will be added to this webpage as they are confirmed.
    • We do ask for a minimum $10 gift to sign the Tower. This gift can be made to any area of campus you want to support.
    • Contact Becky Rodriguez at with questions or to reserve a time to sign the Tower.
  • Seniors who have made a gift of $20.22 or higher will receive the senior glassware. Click here to make your senior gift.

  • As a benefit of membership in the Alumni Association, you are provided a new Alumni Google account. Many seniors requested an alumni email account through Southwestern. If you did not request an alumni account, but still are interested in one, please complete this online form –

    • Beginning in late April 2022
    • Student accounts will be deleted on July 1, 2022
  • Save/transfer all items from your Moodle and Google accounts

    • If you did not request an alumni email account, the migration of Student Gmail/Drive/Data can only transition to another Gmail account. Your SU alumni account or your personal Gmail account will suffice.
    • Please give yourself a few days for the migration process. If you want to keep your data, we suggest you follow our online guide to:
    • Forward new emails from your Student Gmail to your Alumni Gmail through December. This allows time for you to update your email address on file with various vendors (e.g., bank, Facebook, etc.). Note: Your email forwarding will end when your account closes on July 1. 
    • Use Google Transfer to move your Student Gmail/Drive to your Alumni account.
    • Use Google Takeout to archive your Student Google data including Calendar, Contacts, Hangouts, Keep, Youtube, and more.
  • Please share your involvement while attending Southwestern.  This information will help the University keep you updated regarding these organizations and experiences after you’ve graduated.