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Embracing Quantitative Understanding and the Inquiry Process (EQUIP)

is a program designed to build a community for historically underrepresented first-year students who are interested in completing a degree in mathematics or other STEM studies.


Emily Ely

Program Coordinator for Student Success and Retention

Emily Ely

Program Coordinator for Student Success and Retention

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EQUIP focuses on strengthening and making connections to important mathematical skills while challenging students to explore & deepen their understanding of the role of math in other STEM areas of study such as biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, & physics.

“As a selected member of the EQUIP Program, I was able to become accustomed to the expectations of college-level coursework during an intensive one-week summer program. This program continues to equip me with the resources needed to be successful in research, internships, and future schooling.”

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Program Details

Student Success

EQUIP Students Experience:
Quantitative Skills Gained Through EQUIP:
  • Write mathematics clearly to an audience of your peers.
  • Orally discuss mathematical ideas.
  • Organize mathematics in a clear fashion.
  • Gain insight into the conceptual ideas behind mathematics as opposed to the procedural ideas.
  • Convert word problems from the sciences into correct mathematical expressions and equations.
  • Read to understand mathematics.
  • Create logical arguments from assumptions to conclusion.
  • Recognize when to use a mathematical procedure.
  • Recognize there are multiple paths to a solution.
  • Make conjectures or generalize a concept.
  • Fail effectively.
  • Perseverance.