Environmental Studies

Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

December 2019

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Joshua Long  was quoted in an article published in Utility Dive  in which he discussed the role of Southwestern University and SEAK (Students for Environmental Activism and Knowledge) in Georgetown’s transition to 100% renewable energy. Read the article here.

  • Several environmental studies and feminist studies alumni, including Keara Hudler ’18, Lilly Dennis ’18, Muriel DiNella 18, Nataley Ford ’18, and Joanna Mendez ’18, along with Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Joshua Long, published an article in the Journal of Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice titled “Intersectional Sustainability and Student Activism: A Framework for Achieving Social Sustainability on University Campuses.”

October 2019

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Environmental Studies Rebecca Edwards attended the Teaching Computational Thinking Skills with MATLAB Workshop at the Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College October 20–22.  Edwards served as a workshop facilitator and peer reviewer in addition to delivering a presentation titled “Adding a MATLAB Component to an Engineering Dynamics Course ” based on her experience integrating a computational component into the Engineering Dynamics course at Southwestern.  

September 2019

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Joshua Long, along with his co author Jennifer L. Rice of the University of Georgia, presented the opening keynote address at the New Climate Urbanism International Workshop at the Urban Institute, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. The lecture, titled “Climate Urbanism and the Implications for Climate Apartheid,” was based on their 2019 article in the journal Urban Studies, “From Sustainable Urbanism to Climate Urbanism,” which was the inspiration for the workshop as well as a new research agenda beginning this year at the Urban Institute. 

July 2019

  • Professor of Theatre John OreSam Buehler ’20, and Sage Clay ’22 completed a faculty–student project that created the Heather McGaughey Sustainability kiosk, a public information touchscreen display located in the Jones Theater lobby. Please visit their work to find out more about environmental studies, fine arts, and Heather McGaughey’04.

May 2019

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Environmental Studies Rebecca Edwards helped lead a workshop held May 14–16, at St. Edward’s University, on conducting air-quality research using ozonesondes. Ozonesondes are lightweight instruments that are launched on weather balloons to measure the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere and to sample air pollutant from the ground’s surface to an altitude of 30 kilometers. SCOPE students Daniel Whitney ’21 and Jacob Fly ’21 participated in the workshop, along with several St. Edward’s students. In addition to an overview of the science of air quality, the participants learned two protocols for conditioning the instrument and then launched a balloon.

April 2019

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Joshua Long coorganized and chaired three sessions at the American Association of Geographers conference in April. While there, Long also served on a panel and presented the introductory paper “Theorizing the Just City in the Era of Climate Change.”

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Joshua Long is the 2019 recipient of the Helen Ruth Aspaas SAGE Innovator Award in Geography. He will be receiving it in person while attending the American Association of Geographers annual conference in Washington, D.C., in early April.