Environmental Studies


Geographic Information Systems Laboratory (gis lab) provides students with a comprehensive resource for learning and research in geographic information systems (gis), remote sensing (rs), spatial statistics, computer cartography, and environmental analysis. 

The GIS lab serves as the main classroom for GIS courses on campus and is located in the Smith Library Center Rooms 202 and 204.  Course offerings in the laboratory range from Environmental GIS, Advanced GIS, and Directed Research in GIS.   It contains 22 state of the art computers which run a variety of software for GIS, GPS, remote sensing, computer aided drafting, visual media production, software development, web mapping, and statistical analysis. GPS units are available for checkout to students and the lab is open daily for extended hours providing a major resource for working on GIS coursework and projects.

The GIS lab, in combination with other resources on campus including the library and science labs, is fully functional to conduct research ranging from humanities, social and natural sciences. While administered by the Environmental Studies Program, many other programs and departments on campus are beginning to develop research endeavors and courses which will include a GIS component.