Environmental Studies


Capstone in environmental studies is a course which provides an opportunity for students to integrate the knowledge, research skills, and epistemologies from multiple disciplines within the framework of a single theme.

The  Capstone in Environmental Studies is intended to bring together the key learning objectives that faculty expect their students to have learned during the course of study. The course examines specific issues related to Environmental Studies performing research along a pressing theme.

The Environmental Studies Program encourages students to analyze a local or regional environmental issue from multiple perspectives, and notably, encourages some element of environmental activism or community engagement. The hope is that students will engage in a research project that will allow them to gain experience, research skills, and communication skills necessary to succeed in a professional or academic field.

Research Projects

Promoting Sustainability at Southwestern (2016)
Establishing an SU Office of Sustainability (2015)
SUstainability Strategic Plan (2014)
A Sustainable Austin (2013)
The Local Food Landscape in Central Texas:Access, Obstacles, and Consumer Motivations (2012)