Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

August 2019

  • Professor of English and McManis University Chair Helene Meyers  published a review of the new documentary Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles in the Jewish Women’s Archive  blog. Read it here.

  • Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger  published a blog post for the Times  of Israel, titled “Bibi Loves BDS.” Read it here .

  • Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger was invited to be an academic visitor by the chair of the faculty of English at Cambridge University, December 2019–January 2020. Saenger will be conducting research on temporality in relation to Shakespeare’s life in print.

July 2019

  • Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger published a review of Malcolm Smuts (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of The Age of Shakespeare, Oxford University Press. The review appeared in Notes and Queries, also published by Oxford University Press.

  • Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger and Associate Professor of Theatre Sergio Costola organized and led a seminar titled “Polychronic Translation of Shakespeare” at the 2019 European Shakespeare Research Association Conference, held at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre, in Rome, Italy, July 9–12. Kayla Ingram ’20 attended the conference, and, following an independent study with Dr. Saenger on Shakespeare and Translation, designed graphic support for the seminar.

  • Professor of English and McManis University Chair Helene Meyers was an invited participant in KUT’s “Views and Brews” podcast on the past, present, and future of the humanities. Other panelists were Dennis Ahlburg, former president of Trinity University; Amelia Pace-Borah, academic director of Austin’s Free Minds program; and Paul Woodruff, former dean of undergraduate studies at the University of Texas. Meyers talked about her nationally recognized course Novel English Majors, the role of public scholarship in rejuvenating the humanities, and the need for continuity and change as we revise the curriculum. According to her, “a complex world and complex problems require complex and visionary thinking, and that’s what the humanities offers.” The podcast is available through NPR.

May 2019

  • Professor of English David Gaines  attended and participated in the World of Bob Dylan Symposium in Tulsa, OK. The conference, hosted by the Tulsa University Institute for Bob Dylan Studies and the Bob Dylan Archive, was the largest international gathering of Dylan scholars and fans to date. More than 500 people registered for the four days devoted to the Nobel laureate’s work and life. On June 1, Gaines chaired a roundtable on teaching Dylan in various curricular contexts. On June 2, he presented “‘Why Dylan?’ in 157 Words/19 Lines/3 Stanzas,” a paper about the poem he contributed to Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Word of Bob Dylan  (New Rivers Press, 2018). On May 29, he and Norma Aguirre Gaines  ‘08 attended a reception with area alumni. They also heard a lot of music in the evenings.

  • Professor of English David Gaines  attended and participated in the Duluth Dylan Fest, the annual celebration of Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan’s birthday in his hometowns of Duluth and Hibbing, MN. On May 22, Gaines read “Egyptian Rings and Spanish Boots,” his poem in Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Word of Bob Dylan  (New Rivers Press, 2018), at Zeitgeist Teatro Zuccone with the editors of the volume, who also read their work. He did likewise on May 23 at Zenith Bookstore in Duluth. On May 25, he delivered “From the North Country to Stockholm and Back: A Tale of Two Journeys,” the invited keynote John Bushey Memorial Lecture. He also heard a lot of music in the evenings.

April 2019

  • Professor of English and McManis University Chair Helene Meyers published “Public Scholar, Beware” in Inside Higher Ed.

  • Professor of English David Gaines  reviewed T. C. Boyle’s Outside Looking In  in the April 12th edition of T he Austin Chronicle .

  • Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger delivered a paper titled “Partial Paternity in Terence and Jonson” at the Renaissance Society of America annual meeting in Toronto, Canada. In addition, he chaired a panel on “Performances of Gender in Shakespearean England” at the same meeting.

March 2019

  • Professor of English Eileen Cleere  delivered a paper at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association (INCS) in Dallas, March 21–24. Her presentation, “Future Perfect: Jane Eyre and the Traumatic Mode in Walley-Beckett’s Anne with an E,” was part of a panel on psychological and mathematical models of development in old and new media.

  • Professor of English and McManis University Chair Helene Meyers reviewed Deborah Lipstadt’s Antisemitism: Here and Now for the Washington Independent Review of Books. Read the review here.

December 2018

  • Professor of English and McManis University Chair Helene Meyers participated in a roundtable titled “Reaching beyond the Academy” at the annual conference of the Association for Jewish Studies in Boston, MA, Dec. 16–18.

  • Professor of English and McManis University Chair Helene Meyers published “7 Jewish Feminist Highlights of 2018” in Lilith Magazine’s blog.

  • Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger posted a blog story with the Times of Israel titled “Does BDS have anything to do with Israel?”

October 2018

  • Professor of English David Gaines delivered the keynote address at the 14th annual National Symposium of Theater and Performing Arts at Washington and Lee University on Oct. 26. The topic of the symposium was Race and Gender in Theater, Poetry, and Rock ‘n Roll, and the title of Gaines’s address was “‘I Felt Like I Was One of Them or All of Them Put Together’: Reflections on Race, Gender, and Bob Dylan’s Multitudes.” His presentation was greatly enhanced by the expertise of Audiovisual Services Coordinator Luke Allen and Research and Instruction Librarian Katherine Hooker.

  • Professor of English Eileen Cleere delivered a paper and chaired a panel at the North American Victorian Studies Association conference in St. Petersburg, Fla., Oct. 1114. Her paper “Sacrificing Iphigenia: Recognizing Sexual Assault in Charlotte Mary Yonge’s 1856 The Daisy Chain was part of a panel about the re-evaluation of rape in Victorian fiction in the contemporary context of #MeToo.

  • Associate Professor of English Michael Saenger delivered a talk titled “Shakespeare in a Moment of Madness” at the Dallas Shakespeare Conference at the University of Dallas on Oct. 6.

  • Professor of English David Gaines presented “Dylan’s Literary Fans, The Economy of Prestige, and Reading With One Hand Waving Free” at the New Approaches to Bob Dylan conference in Odense, Denmark, on Oct. 4, 2018. The presentation not only extended aspects of Gaines’s book In Dylan Town: A Fan’s Life but also grew out of the Spring 2018 English capstone course on literary prizes and canon formation.

  • Professor of English and McManis University Chair Helene Meyers published a review of the novel Not Our Kindin the Washington Independent Review of Books.