Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

November 2019

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen  published a review of Creative Block Play: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning through Building  by Rosanne Regan Hansel in the fall 2019 issue of Play News , the newsletter of The Association for the Study of Play.

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen presented a workshop for elementary- and middle-school teachers at Granger Independent School District titled “Developing Children’s Mathematical Thinking.”

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen  published the chapter “Pedagogical Models of Play for Innovative Teaching” in The Encyclopedia of Educational Innovation  (eds. Michael A. Peters and Richard Heraud; Springer Nature Singapore, 2019).

April 2019

  • A paper coauthored by Associate Professor of Mathematics Therese Shelton, Associate Professor of Education Sherry Adrian, and Emma Kathryn Groves ’17, titled “A Model of the Transmission of Cholera in a Population with Contaminated Water,” which was accepted for publication in November 2018, has been published in the CODEE Journal, vol. 12.  The article was downloaded across 15 countries in its first 25 days of online availability.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Education Suzanne García-Mateus presented a paper titled “Developing Critical Awareness: A Teacher’s Role in Engaging Students to Dialogue about Social Inequities” at the Establishing Sociopolitical Consciousness as the Fourth Goal of Dual-Language Education symposium at the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, April 5–9, 2019.

March 2019

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen and Sarah Buchanan ’20 and Abigail Luna ‘20 presented their collaborative research “Block Play and a Pedagogic Model for Playful STEM Learning” at the International Consortium for Research in Science and Mathematics Education conference in San Jose, Costa Rica.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Education Suzanne Garcia-Mateus presented a paper titled “One White Student’s Journey Through Six Years of Elementary Schooling: Uncovering Whiteness and Privilege in Two-Way Bilingual Education” which was part of a panel titled “Translanguaging in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL):  Perspectives and Possibilities” at the TESOL International Convention in Atlanta, GA, March 12–15, 2019.

  • Associate Professor of Spanish Abby Dings and Visiting Assistant Professor of Education Suzanne García-Mateus presented about their ongoing research project titled “Language Ideologies in a University Classroom: Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Latinx Students as Language Learners.” The panel about dual-language education took place at the 6th National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language (NSSHL) hosted by University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley, in McAllen, TX.