Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

July 2020

  • Cargill Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Education Alicia Moore and Margarett Root Brown Chair in Fine Arts and Professor of Music Michael Cooper collaborated with pianist Lara Downes to produce a crowdsourced recitation of the Civil Rights “Credo” of W. E. B. Du Bois for the podcast We Need Gentle Truths for Now, hosted by Alexandra Juhasz. Seven SU faculty and staff (Part-Time Instructor of Applied Music Adrienne Inglis, Associate Professor of Music Jason Hoogerhyde, Professor of Music Kiyoshi Tamagawa, Professor of Music Lois Ferrari, Sarofim School of Fine Arts Coordinator Olivia Wise, Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs Terri Johnson, and Associate Professor of Communication Studies Valerie Renegar), three current students (Alexis Lemus ’22, Grace Sexton ’22, and Shelby Avants ’21), and six alumnae (Erin McHugh ’09, Isabel Tweraser ’19, Julia Fowler ’15, Katiebeth Brandt ’19, Kinley Johnson ’17, and Sara Watson ’13) participated in the recitation, along with 25 other participants Black and white, ages 5 to 81, from the Americas and Europe, representing four native languages. The podcast is available here. The recitation is also available as a YouTube video titled “Testimony: A #BlackLivesMatter Manifesto after the Credo of W.E.B. Du Bois,” here.

March 2020

  • A coauthored chapter by Professor of Education Michael Kamen and education majors Abigail Luna ’20 and Sarah Buchanan ’20, “Block Play and a Pedagogical Model for Playful STEM Learning,” has been accepted for publication in Bloom, M. B. & Quebec Fuentes, S. (Eds.), Advancing Science and Mathematics Education for a Sustainable Future. In addition, this chapter has also been posted as this month’s featured research article for discussion in the Reading Group on Playfutures. PlayFutures, initiated by the Lego Foundation, is an online global community of researchers, practitioners, parents and influencers/policymakers who strive towards expanding the opportunities for learning through play.

January 2020

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen and Project WILD Coordinator (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) Kiki Corry presented a preprogram workshop session titled “Project WILD Facilitator Training” at the Association for Science Teacher Education 2020 international conference in San Antonio, TX.

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen and senior education majors Abigail Luna’20 and Sarah Buchanan’20 presented their research, “Pedagogical Model and Strategies for Playful Learning in Science,” at the Association for Science Teacher Education 2020 international conference in San Antonio, TX. 

November 2019

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen  published a review of Creative Block Play: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning through Building  by Rosanne Regan Hansel in the fall 2019 issue of Play News , the newsletter of The Association for the Study of Play.

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen presented a workshop for elementary- and middle-school teachers at Granger Independent School District titled “Developing Children’s Mathematical Thinking.”

  • Professor of Education Michael Kamen  published the chapter “Pedagogical Models of Play for Innovative Teaching” in The Encyclopedia of Educational Innovation  (eds. Michael A. Peters and Richard Heraud; Springer Nature Singapore, 2019).