Economics and Business

Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

October 2020

  • Part-Time Professor of Economics Jim Christianson was one of three Austin certified public accountants selected via a random drawing to serve on the the City of Austin Applicant Review Panel. This panel will select 60 applicants for the City of Austin Independent Citizens Redistricting  Commission, which is charged with redrawing the 10 City of Austin Council districts after the 2020 census is complete. Christianson teaches Accounting and Business Law at Southwestern. 

  • Associate Director of Admission Rebecca Rother and Associate Professor of Economics and Business Debika Sihi presented a session about business degrees in the liberal arts through the Colleges that Change Lives virtual program.

September 2020

  • Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi  was interviewed, along with the vice president of brand at E.l.f. Cosmetics and faculty from the University of Virginia and Carnegie Mellon, for an article in Retail Dive  on what the future of TikTok means for retail. Read the article here .

August 2020

  • Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi taught a class on August 4, 2020, titled Marketing for Start-Ups during COVID-19 for 25 entrepreneurs. She offered guidance on developing and adapting marketing strategies in the current economic environment. On August 7, 2020, Sihi was an invited speaker at the virtual Summer Stukent Digital Summit, where she conducted a session titled “Cookies, Clicks, and Credit Cards: Teaching Students How Their Data Is Used and Protected.” The session covered how to structure multiple class lessons on data use and privacy. Specific topics included the consumer privacy paradox and the current regulatory environment (e.g., the General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act).

July 2020

  • Five Southwestern students, Tanmai Korapala ’21, Melanie Lim ’21, Cassidy Mayfield ’20, Thuymi Phung ’23, and Blake Stilwell ’22, completed the Marketing EDGE Summer Series, in which they participated in interactive sessions with the director of graduate development at Equifax, the vice president of marketing for the Brooklyn Nets, the CEO of FishUSA, Inc., and university students around the country.

May 2020

  • Emeritus Professor of Economics Emily Northrop’s op-ed about climate change and COVID-19 was featured in It can be read here.

January 2020

  • Associate Professor of Business Debika Sihi served as a judge for the American Marketing Association (AMA) Collegiate Case Competition in collaboration with Cotton Incorporated. The competition includes submissions from student teams from different universities across the U.S.