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Economics and Business

From leadership to ethics, from management to financial analysis, and from production to promotion, SU students learn the principles and applications that will prepare them for a wide range of 21st-century careers.


Dirk W. Early

Professor and Chair



Dirk W. Early

Professor and Chair

When you study economics and business at Southwestern, you become a problem-solver and a decision-maker. You will be equipped to examine complex puzzles, analyze them from multiple perspectives, and develop effective solutions. In business courses, you will gain a systems-level view of how organizations operate: How do entrepreneurs build a business from concept to reality? What are the effects of miscommunication or informal group dynamics in the workplace? How do different types of businesses develop successful financial and marketing strategies? In economics classes, you will learn about the ways that public policy can affect a country’s economy—and therefore individual lives. You will examine the causes and consequences of poverty, discrimination, and climate change and develop effective solutions to these and other issues.

In both majors, you will learn and apply foundational concepts related to the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. But our award-winning faculty are also committed to updating the curriculum to keep pace with innovation, enabling you to think about, for example, the economic costs of pollution, how globalization affects business practices, and how technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain can help businesses obtain a competitive edge. You can also delve into data analysis, learning how to conduct cost–benefit analyses and make decisions about effective resource allocation.

While pursuing your degree, you will have a diverse range of opportunities to participate in relevant transformative experiences that enable you to bridge classroom discussion with real-world applications. Our students have studied abroad with the Southwestern London Program and have interned with the Federal Reserve Bank, Southwest Airlines, the Texas Bowl, Accenture, and the Smithsonian. Undergraduate research enables you  to push your understanding of the field, and our students regularly present at national meetings and publish their research in professional journals. In addition, in our groundbreaking Financial Analyst Program, you can gain invaluable experience in portfolio management by working with a team of students actively investing a portion of the University’s endowment.

SU economics and business students often double-major or minor in subjects across the curriculum, including political science, environmental studies, math and computer science, theatre, communication studies, and psychology. And because you will gain a strong foundation in logic and management skills, you will be prepared to pursue careers in multiple fields: physicians rely on savvy business strategy to establish successful practices, and theater managers must have a sound background in overseeing production, operations, and marketing budgets. Our graduates have gone on to careers as social-media strategists, policy analysts, patent lawyers, financial economists, diversity and inclusion specialists, and even cheese buyers for reputed national grocery chains.


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