The Early Modern Studies Minor curriculum is composed of two groups of courses:

  • Broad Courses: “Broad” courses are structured to “cover” a period, region or subject area.
  • Focus Courses: “Focus” courses are centered on a theme, author, object or issue.

Minor in Early Modern Studies: Five courses from two categories, Broad and Focus. No more than two courses can be selected from any one academic discipline (3 letter prefix).

  • At least two Broad courses from: 
    • HIS 16-274: From Colonies to Nation: U.S. History to 1865
    • HIS 16-364: Colonial Latin America
    • ARH 71-034: Intro to Art History: Latin American
    • ARH 71-424: Art of Spain, 711-1700
    • HIS 16-254: Early Modern Europe
    • THE 72-234: Theatre History
    • ENG 10-154: Survey of English Literature I
    • PSC 32-364: Introduction to Political Theory
  • At least two Focus courses from:
    • ENG 10-624: Shakespeare
    • ARH 71-364: Native Books, Images and Objects
    • HIS 16-524: The Real Game of Thrones: The Medieval Era in History & Legend
    • HIS 16-614: Witches, Nuns, Prostitutes, Wives & Queen
    • HIS 16-534: The Tudors: Politics & Culture

Additionally, after students declare as a minor, they will be required to write a brief (2-page) paper on how their experience of two different departments encouraged them to think differently about the topic. This will be assessed by the Minor core faculty, and may replace an existing assignment in one of our courses for Minor students. Each semester the registrar will provide a list of courses that satisfy the minor via Web Advisor.