Program Details

“The culture of DRAFT is created by the students of DRAFT. It’s yours and it’s up to you. You built something powerful, something new, something beautiful together this week. Now you know what you can create with others when you join together in this spirit. Be ready and keep building.”

DRAFT is offered free of charge to invited students. There are a limited number of spots for each year’s cohort, and spots are offered on a first-come first-served basis. Students are accepted for the program until we have reached capacity. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DRAFT’s summer 2021 program will be conducted virtually, online. 

DRAFT consists of these components:
  1. Virtual five-week summer program. The program begins with a half-day retreat on June 13th to get to know everyone, build community, introduce key themes, and work on embodiment and meditative practices. Weekly activities include on-demand videos that teach writing skills, scheduled writing and community connection meetings, meetings with your Peer Mentor, and artistic and creative expression community building experiences. 
  2. Academic year component. You will be enrolled in Dr. Mariotti’s First-Year Seminar (FYS) course: Walking as Movement: Politics, Pilgrimage, Protest. In addition, you will continue to meet each month for DRAFT group sessions where students continue to learn about the resources SU has to offer, where you will continue to develop community with your cohort, and where you will continue to work closely with us as faculty mentors.

Students enrolled in the DRAFT program will receive a Chromebook. Upon the successful completion of the summer DRAFT program, students will keep their Chromebooks.



Questions regarding the DRAFT program can be directed to the following faculty:

Dr. Erin Crockett
Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Shannon Mariotti
Professor of Political Science