Office of Diversity Education


Each year we offer a variety of social justice and diversity workshops.

These workshops include the following:

  • Welcoming Workshop
  • Stereotypes Workshop
  • Diversity Circles
  • Creating Brave Spaces
  • Difficult Dialogues Circles
  • Leadership Diversity Workshops
  • Identity Wheel Workshop
  • Lavender Spaces Training
  • Social Economics Workshop
  • Storytelling for Social Justice 
  • Invisibility and Diversity
  • Building a Community of Trust
  • Peacebuilding Workshop
  • Interactive Icebreakers  

The Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice, The Office of Diversity Education and the Diversity Enrichment Committee also sponsor an Annual Diversity Training Retreat for students.

Our office will create workshops tailored to your specific needs and interests. To request a workshop, please contact Lisa Dela Cruz, Assistant Vice President for Student Life, x1862.