Diversity Enrichment Committee

The Diversity Enrichment Committee (DEC) promotes a diverse student, staff, and faculty body and an inclusive environment that is equally welcoming to all.

The committee is composed of faculty, staff, and students. All of the major branches of the university (Dean of Faculty Office, Student Life, Enrollment Management, Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice and Student Government) are represented on the DEC.

Diversity Enrichment Funding Application

The Diversity Enrichment Committee encourages campus organizations, departments and student affairs offices to provide opportunities and programs which further diversity and inclusion on campus. Limited funding is available for such efforts. The committee determines an annual amount available for funding requests from campus groups at the beginning of each academic year. Funding requests received are considered on a rolling basis.

Fill out the Funding Application here.

Diversity Enrichment Committee Members (2020 - 2021) 
  • Carlos De Oro, Co-Chair, Faculty Representative
  • Terri Johnson, Co-Chair, Assistant Dean/Multicultural Affairs, Ex officio 
  • Diana Truumees,Recorder, Multicultural Affairs Student Representative
  • Eric Selbin, Faculty Representative
  • Michael Bray, Faculty Representative
  • Jethro Hernandez Berrones, Faculty Representative
  • Angeles Rodriguez Cadena, Faculty Representative (spring, 2020)
  • Marie Worsham, Staff Representative
  • Veronica Johnson, Staff Representative
  • Alex Bell, Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice, Student Representative
  • Kendall Richards, Associate Dean of the Faculty, Ex officio

For more information regarding the Diversity Enrichment Committee please contact:

Terri Johnson (tjohnson@southwestern.edu).

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