Checking Out and Returning Resources

We’re glad that you have found our resources valuable and are interested in using them at your own pace.
Below is information regarding checking out and returning resources.


To check-out resources, simply write down the number written on the book’s spine (that correspond with the “index number” found on the Resource Library Online Catalog) and swing by the Cross Cultural Center (CCC), located on the 2nd floor of the Prothro Center in the corner marked “Multicultural Affairs”.

Once in the CCC, you can find all of our shelved books and the checkout sheet located centrally within the CCC to write down any resources you will be using. Please keep our University’s Honor Code in mind and honestly record all the resources you check out— this Library serves all of the Southwestern community members and there are limited means to buy new materials. If you need assistance finding books (during regular business hours), student workers can assist you with finding the resources you need.

If you wish to check out a DVD or CD, please contact Terri Johnson, Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs, as these resources are kept in a locked area. 


Please keep in mind the date you promised to return any materials (on the check-out sheet), and when it comes time to do so, bring them by the Cross Cultural Center. If there are no student workers to give them to, please re-shelve them (numerically by their index) and cross those resources off the check-out list!