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Data Analytics


Jacob Schrum

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Jacob Schrum

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Data Analytics
Data Analytics (Credit: YuriArcursPeopleimages via Envato Elements)

The generation and storage of data has expanded exponentially in recent years. The Data Analytics interdisciplinary minor is designed to help students gain the tools and experience necessary to derive useful information from large bodies of quantitative and qualitative data. The theoretical foundation of Data Analytics is based in mathematics and computer science; the practical applied meanings come from interpreting the data in the context from which it arose. The data analytics minor provides students with fundamental tools in statistics and computing and experience applying those tools in two different courses in the social sciences and/or natural sciences.

Program Goals:

  1. Develop proficiency using currently available data analytics tools in Mathematics and Computer Science to perform data analysis.
  2. Critically assess research questions in different disciplinary areas that are complex and require alternative design approaches to derive useful information.
  3. Embody Paideia principles by making connections between different courses and disciplines.

Data Analytics is one of the Paideia Minors. Paideia provides intentional opportunities for students to integrate various academic disciplines and experiences, empowering them to develop versatile analytical abilities that lead them to become creative problem solvers who are well equipped to tackle complex issues. Paideia is not a traditional program but provides innovative, structured pathways that enable the acquisition of these invaluable skills.

All SU students are encouraged to graduate with Paideia Distinction by making Paideia a formal part of their studies. This requires completing either one of the Paideia Minors (or two High-Impact Experiences) and successfully completing a Paideia Seminar.

Graduation with Paideia Distinction formally recognizes students’ cultivated curiosity to learn, integrate multiple viewpoints, and create change. The Paideia skills that students develop make SU graduates highly sought-after by recruiters, employers, and graduate programs.

Learn more about the Paideia Seminar, how to apply for it, and how to graduate with Paideia Distinction.


Data Analytics News

Cameron Henkel presents at CES Conference in Las Vegas.

SU Student Cameron Henkel ’21 Wins National Design Contest, Exhibits His Smart Medication Dispenser at CES Conference in Las Vegas

Inspired by his late great-grandmother, Cameron hopes his design will “help people lead independent lives while providing reassurance to their caretakers and loved ones.”

Data Science minor interest session with honored guest Alan Lowry

Interested in Data Science?

Alumnus Alan Lowry ’11, (business major, computer science minor) who is currently a Senior Decision Science Analyst at USAA, will talk about his role at USAA and his path to this current job, as well as opportunities he sees in Data Science.  Dr. Barbara Anthony will describe the structure of the Data Science minor, provide a list of upcoming courses in the minor, and be available to answer questions.  This will be a great opportunity to learn about the events and classes the Data Science minor will be putting on and supporting in 2018-2019.


Data Science Minor Attends TEXATA Summit

Cameron Henkel, class of 2021, gives his thoughts on the 2017 TEXATA Summit