The Global Engagement Hall (GEH) is dedicated to helping students explore their own values in the context of individual responsibility to local, regional and global communities. Consistent with the mission of Southwestern, the resident hall seeks to foster a liberal arts community whose values and actions encourage contributions toward the well-being of humanity. We seek to develop leaders who will strive to alleviate social oppression in the pursuit of justice and the common good.

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

The Global Engagement Hall encourages students to think about roles, identity, responsibilities, relationships and power dynamics that shape our understanding of the world.

Student Benefits
  • Make friends and find a family. Friendships made in learning communities lead to real connections and lifelong ties.
  • Invite your favorite professors to dinner and hear their thoughts they don’t get to share in class. 
  • Be a part of a supportive and fun community of sophomores.
  • Have Paideia moments while hiking, having dinner, serving the community, or traveling to Austin together.
  • Find support and resources from the offices of Intercultural Learning and Community-Engaged Learning.
  • Participate in opportunities to learn more about your community. 
  • Reflect and make connections between your educational experience, your living environment, and your identity.
Learning Goals
  • Develop a personal philosophy about what it means to be a civically responsible global citizen.
  • Advance curricular transformation and integration through its focus on learning about and analyzing issues of concern in the world that may be influenced by personal action and commitment.
  • Enable students to develop their knowledge building, problem-solving, and critical thinking about vital civic issues at the local, national and global levels.
  • Learn about and reflect upon the complexity and interconnectedness of social issues and problems.
  • Learn to recognize opportunities and resources for positive change from a local and global perspective.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the global interdependence of today’s world.  Gain understanding of global social inequalities.

The Global Engagement Hall is a joint collaboration between the Office of Community-Engaged Learning and the Office of Intercultural Learning.