The OCEL works with students and student organizations to assist them in developing connections and partnerships with Georgetown’s non-profit organizations. The goal of our office is to encourage students to move beyond Southwestern’s campus and be active citizens within the community through volunteering, direct action, sustained projects, advocacy, and engagement.


Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) encourages students to apply academic skills and knowledge to address a community need, issue, or problem and to enhance student learning. Typically, most of the community-engaged learning partnerships take place in and around Georgetown. 

CEL is a form of teaching and learning in which students engage in structured service and action that is responsive to community needs, provides mutually beneficial experience for students and community partners, and is designed to include critical analysis and reflection linking service to academic, cluster, and discipline-specific learning goals. 

Spring 2020 Classes: 

EDU40-144 Survey of Exceptionalities

EDU40-234 Schools, Society and Diversity

EDU40-524 Teaching Math Elementary & Middle School

PSC32-114 American Politics

SPA15-164 Spanish III: Lang & Culture (All Sections)

  • Search WebAdvisor- Under additional course types, click Community-Engaged Learning


Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) Associates support community-engaged learning, both on and off campus. CEL Associates participate in ongoing training and reflection sessions with the OCEL and develop skills in project management, communication, facilitation, and community-building. 

The CEL Associates work 4-10 hours a week (4 for On-Campus positions & 10 for Off-Campus positions). Associates are paid $8-9.00/hour. 

If you are interested in participating in the CEL Associates program, you must submit an application, click here for application. 

Browse through the job descriptions (On Campus & Off Campus)  and indicate your top three choices on the application.