Community-Engaged Learning

Spring Breakaway

Spring Breakaway is Southwestern University’s alternative break program where students travel to other diverse communities in order to facilitate an impactful and asset-based learning experience through direct and mutually beneficial service.

One of the most important aspects of Spring Breakaway is knowing that we are not intending or expecting to “fix” any issues in the communities we are serving. Instead, we organize and arrive as allies, willing to learn about the local issues, how they are being addressed, how we can address similar types of challenges in our own communities, and how to be better advocates for the groups and causes we are learning about.

This program allows students to deeply engage with complex topics such as social issues and problems, spiritual exploration, social justice, and diversity education. Students return from these trips praising the experience of seeing the world through the eyes of those in different circumstances and learning how to be a better ally and social advocate. 

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What Students Say

“Spring Breakaway is an art that everyone can participate in-it demands compassion, love, patients, creativity, and empowerment within your team. It is a gateway that students can go through if they want a full-on, hands on experience in an issue they may or may not be passionate about.”

Spring Breakaway Through the Years

Since its founding in 1996, Spring Breakaway has worked with a variety of partners and traveled to numerous locations from Mexico to Washington D.C. A summary of work can be found here.  

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