Communication Studies

Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

February 2018

  • Communications major Shea C. Brewer, class of 2019, had his final project in a course on Feminist Fairy Tales accepted for publication in the online literary journal Spider Mirror. His teacher and mentor for the project is Visiting Assistant Professor of German Michelle Reyes. Spider Mirroris a blog-style journal that seeks to promote and support the arts in all its modern forms. Brewer’s tale, The “Seven” Dwarfs, explores the potential untold story of an eighth dwarf by the name of Leery, with a twist on the picture perfect image of classic Snow White.

December 2017

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lamiyah Bahrainwala facilitated a panel titled “Talking about Race with your Child” through the Parent Advisory Committee at Child’s Day Child Development Center on Dec. 5, 2017. The panel featured experts from education, social work, and policy to provide specific strategies for parents to talk about race and racism with preschool-aged children.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor in Communication Studies  Shannon Holland ’s invited chapter “Verifying Victory: The Militarized Politics of Sex Verification in International Sports” was published in Michael Butterworth’s (ed) book titled  Sports and Militarism: Contemporary Global Perspectives  (Routledge, 2017).

  • Visiting Assistant Professor in Communication Studies Shannon Holland published the chapter “Critical Analysis” in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods (2017). The chapter examines the foundations and interdisciplinary scope of critical/cultural communication studies.

November 2017

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lamiyah Bahrainwala published the article “When Terrorists Play Ball” in the journal Communication and Sport. This article examines how the media recuperates sports from terrorism discourse, focusing on Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was also an accomplished boxer.

  • Associate Professor of Communication Studies Valerie Renegar published a new article in Women’s Studies in Communication titled “‘Abusive Furniture:’ Visual Metonymy and the Hungarian Stop Violence Against Women Campaign” about a provocative set of anti-domestic violence images and will be available in the winter issue of the journal.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Shannon Holland was interviewed and quoted by VICE Media in an article titled “After Timberlake Super Bowl Announcement, Internet Calls for ‘Justice for Janet’.”  In the article, Holland reflects on her published research regarding news coverage of the 2004 Super Bowl halftime controversy,  which she argues depicted Jackson as the primary or sole architect of the infamous “wardrobe malfunction.” She also discusses how the NFL’s  decision to feature Timberlake in the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show further reinforces white male privilege within and beyond the NFL.

August 2017

  • Associate Professor of Communication Studies Bob Bednar was quoted in a recent article in VICE Motherboard exploring the cultural influence of the iPhone on the tenth anniversary of its release. The June 27, 2017 article, by Caroline Haskins, is titled “The iPhone Has Objectified Our Faces.”