Communication Studies

Majoring & Minoring

The Communication Studies major requires a total of 10 courses (40 hours), comprised of 7 required courses (28 hours) and 3 elective courses (12 hours) in the major.

All of the courses in the Communication Studies major involve a significant amount of writing, research, and creative work. Several courses engage in the teaching of writing, research, and creative methods and are designated as COM Writing Intensive Courses. In addition to two COM Foundation courses, three COM Core Courses, and four COM major electives, students also must complete at least one COM Writing Intensive Course and the COM Capstone Research Seminar.

Major in Communication Studies

40 semester hours, including Communication Studies 75-134, 154, 204, 404, 604; one from 75-214, 414, 784; 75-964 (Capstone); 12 additional hours of Communication Studies.

Minor in Communication Studies

20 semester hours of Communication Studies, 12 hours of which must be above the introductory level. 

See the Education Department for information regarding teacher certification in communication studies.


If students are working under a previous Southwestern University course catalog, they should consult their Advisor and the appropriate catalog.