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Communication Studies

You’ll journey through the history, theory, philosophy and ethics of communications acquiring along the way a deep understanding of its impact on our society. Our critical inquiry into the relational, rhetorical, social, cultural and ideological functions of language, performance and media, opens the door to a multitude of career options in our media-driven world.


Valerie Renegar

Associate Professor & Chair



Valerie Renegar

Associate Professor & Chair

Communication Studies
Communication Studies

How do we send messages between one place and another, through some medium of communication? How does the use of different mediums—radio, television, the Internet—affect the way we communicate? How do institutions, maintain and disseminate information over time? These questions, and many others, lie at the heart of the Southwestern Communication Studies Department’s approach.

Through the Department’s multifaceted curriculum, our faculty provides an intimate learning experience, focusing on the myriad ways that communication, culture and identity intersect and define each other. 

Through this rich combination of modes of thinking and analysis, the Communication Studies Department provides you with a strong critical and theoretical understanding of the ways in which our social reality is constructed and challenged through communication patterns and practices.


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Bob Bednar '89, Mr. Homecoming 2016

Bob Bednar ’89, Mr. Homecoming

This year’s Mr. Homecoming Bob Bednar, associate professor of communication studies, is a much beloved figure on campus known for his quiet, thoughtful, and intentional approach. His colleagues know him for playing a major role in building communication studies into the robust program it is today at the University.


Comm Studies Graduates Enyioha and Rodriguez Receive Prestigious Awards

Congratulations to Comm Studies major Jessica Eniyoha (’13) for receiving a substantial, competitive scholarship from the Texas State Graduate College of Education! Congratulations also to Comm Studies major Evan Rodriguez (’13) for winning the 2013 Shearn Prize for the best undergraduate paper in the Humanities at SU.