Majoring & Minoring


The Classics major offers a diverse and rigorous interdisciplinary program. Students are exposed to the entire range of disciplines in classical studies: literature, history, mythology, religion, philosophy, and art & archaeology. The major provides a distinctive foundation for students pursuing any career.

Major in Classics: 9 courses 

  • Four courses of earned college-level Greek, one of which must be upper level
  • One upper level course in Latin
  • Take one Classics in Translation course from the following:
    ARH71-044 Introduction to Art History: Greek and Italian Renaissances
    ARH71-414 Greek and Roman Art of the Hellenistic Era
    ARH71-484 World Architecture: A Comparative Cultural History
    CLA07-204 Greek and Roman Mythology
    CLA07-344 Topics in Classical Literature
  • Two additional upper-level courses in Latin, Greek, or Classics in Translation.
  • CLA07-964 (Capstone)

NOTE: Students completing the Classics major must take three semesters of Latin in order to meet the foreign language requirement.

Majors are strongly advised to take advantage of Southwestern’s opportunities to study abroad. Students may pursue summer or academic year study at the College Year in Athens and various other programs.

Incoming students who place into the language sequence may be eligible for credit.