Placement and Advanced Standing

Both Latin and Greek may be used to satisfy SU’s language requirement.

Incoming students who have studied Latin in high school have the opportunity to start their study of Latin at Southwestern in a course that is right for their background. Students who place into the language sequence may be eligible for credit.

Remember that SU’s language requirement is to complete study at the third semester level (for example, Latin III [14-164] or the equivalent]). For example, a student who places into Latin IV must take only that one course to complete the requirement.

It is to your advantage, therefore, to place as far along in the sequence as you can.

Incoming students should take a placement exam in Latin. Students who score well in AP courses or IB courses may receive credit in addition to placement.

The placement exam yields a sort of minimal placement - i.e. it never places students too far along in the sequence and more often than not places them too low.

In order to determine the appropriate placement and credit, the placement exam results, the amount and quality of high school work, and AP/IB work will be carefully considered. Dr. H. Haskell (x1554, email haskell) can answer any questions.

The bottom line is: students starting their language study at SU at the first semester level must complete a full 12 semester hours to complete the requirement. Those who place higher in the sequence will have more time in their degree plans for electives, major courses, courses that they might want to take out of interest, etc. Students who can reduce the number of hours needed to complete the language requirement will have much more flexibility in their degree plans (even a chance to take some upper level language if they want!).