Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

March 2019

  • Associate Professor of Chinese Carl Robertson published a translation of the short story “Tharlo” by the Tibetan writer Pema Tseden in a collection of Tseden’s work titled Enticement (Duke UP, 2018), edited by former part-time faculty Patricia Schiaffini. This book has been adopted to promote understanding of Tibetan culture by the independent organization Machik, which is hosting discussions in 24 cities worldwide.

September 2018

  • Associate Professor of Chinese Carl Robertson was featured in Avant Assessment, which provides “the world’s first online proficiency test.” The article is titled “Carl Robertson, The Mad Scientist of Texas.” The “madness” refers to Robertson’s combination of scientific data-driven assessment (from the test) with his humanist teaching approaches (as a PhD in comparative literature). Avantsolicited Robertson as an early adopter of the test, and the article showcases the Chinese Program as an example of how the STAMP test can be used to guide regular curricular change.