Majoring & Minoring


Although Southwestern University does not offer a major in Chinese, it does offer a broad range of courses related to China: from Religious Studies and Philosophy to Economics, History, Art History and Political Science, in addition to the offerings in Chinese.  Those students who wish to major in Chinese studies are encouraged to major in International Studies with a concentration on East Asia, which forms a coherent plan of SU’s significant and diverse resources.


The minor in Chinese requires a minimum of five courses (minors consist of a minimum of 18 credits):

•    CHI22-314 Chinese in Contemporary Context

•    CHI22-324 Reading/Speaking Modern Chinese

    Three additional approved courses in Chinese, at least one of which must be at or above the 300 level

A student minoring in Chinese through the prior 2009-2010 catalog must meet the following requirements: 18 semester hours, including Chinese 22-314, 324; 12 additional hours of Chinese, six hours of which must be above the introductory level.