Career Communities

Career Communities provide a powerful professional network for all Southwestern community members to connect around shared career interests, explore diverse career options, and leverage the knowledge and expertise of others. 

What is the Career Communities Model?

The Career Communities model provides a framework for career exploration, gaining experience, and engaging in the career search process. Career interests can develop from your field of study, but they might come from other sources: hobbies and activities; volunteer, work and leadership experiences; influential people in your life; and even dreams! Instead of identifying solely with majors, students can explore options and build connections within Communities. The Career Communities model provides the framework around which we organize our special events and create relationships among students, alumni, families, faculty/staff, and employers to source opportunities for you.

PirateConnect is the virtual home of our Career Communities. It features a discussion board for each Community full of targeted opportunities and advice, and you can explore your Communities for networking contacts ready to share advice and leads. 

Join Career Communities now: https://pirateconnect.southwestern.edu 

The Communities

 HEALTH | WELLNESS | LIFE SCIENCES   Health | Wellness | Life Science icon  

Interested in clinical and research roles in the life sciences? Explore healthcare provision and administration, public health/health education and public and private sector research (e.g. pharmaceuticals, environmental science, academia, etc.).

Non-Profit | Education | Human Services Career Community  NON-PROFIT | EDUCATION | HUMAN SERVICES

Interested in serving “the common good”? Explore roles in direct care or capacity building across diverse causes in the non-profit sector, including in K-12 and higher education teaching/administration, religious organizations/faith communities, social work, counseling, and a variety of private non-profit organizations.

Government | Law | International Affairs Career Community  GOVERNMENT | LAW | INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS

Interested in using your strong sense of social justice for public service? Explore roles at all levels of government, in policy, international development, intelligence and security, humanitarianism and diplomacy, and across the legal system.

Business | Economics | Finance | Entrepreneurship Career Community  BUSINESS | ECONOMICS | FINANCE | ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Interested in numbers and figures, leading others or even starting your own business? Explore the many possibilities in the vast for-profit corporate sector for using quantitative, analytical, leadership, persuading, and influencing skills. Roles include accounting, banking, insurance, investing, sales, data analytics, consulting, market research, real estate, supply chain, etc.

Arts | Media | Communication | Marketing Career Community  ARTS | MEDIA | COMMUNICATION | MARKETING

Interested in using creativity, vision and communication skills to express yourself or the interests of others? Explore roles in visual art and design, performing arts, arts management, entertainment, journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing communication, and other creative fields.

Technology | Physical Science | Engineering Career Community  TECHNOLOGY | PHYSICAL SCIENCES | ENGINEERING

Interested in innovation, invention, using data to solve complex problems, using quantitative and analytical skills, or designing and building “stuff”? Explore roles in information technology, programming, data science, quality assurance, research and development, engineering, energy and natural resources, astronomy, etc.