How We Can Help You

Major/Career Exploration

The Center for Career & Professional Development helps students identify, evaluate, and decide on major and career choices. Engage early and often with exploration and “begin with the end in mind.”


It takes time to figure out who you are, what makes you tick, and what academic and career pursuits fit your personality, interests, values and skills. The CCPD provides self-assessment tools to get you started. Schedule an intake appointment for the TypeFocus Careers inventory by calling 512.863.1346 or stopping by our office.

Major Exploration

Visit the websites for each SU major and review course descriptions and degree plans. Talk to professors, your advisor, and other students about majors that interest you. Attend the Exploring Majors Fair in the fall. Take a variety of courses. 

Southwestern’s list of majors:  

Handout: Choosing a Major

Major Possibilities

A deep dive into possible careers, this resource offers downloadable details on SU majors.

Explore the possibilities: Browse the Major Possibilities downloads.

Career Exploration

Attend programs offered by the Center for Career & Professional Development to help you explore careers (e.g. Curious Conversations, Career Treks, Career Connections BBQ, etc.). Brainstorm options with a career advisor in individual appointments. Use the extensive occupational research resource links on this site. Network with SU alumni and parents for job leads and advice about their career fields. Attend career fairs to talk to employers about position requirements and opportunities. 

Career exploration handout: I need a job. Where do I start…?