Job Search

On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment is a great way to experience the world of work close to home. Many campus administrative and student services offices hire student employees, as well as some academic departments. 

While all students are eligible to apply for on-campus employment, the process is competitive because there is generally more demand than available positions.

Types of On-Campus Student Employment

FEDERAL WORK-STUDY: Some students are eligible to have their pay for student employment come from Federal financial aid. Information on this eligibility is included in students’ financial aid packages. Students must still apply and compete for on-campus positions to earn this pay, as students without Federal work-study aid are also eligible to apply for all on-campus employment.

OTHER STUDENT EMPLOYMENT: Student positions range greatly in terms of responsibilities and qualifications. Some positions allow students to study while performing intermittent duties, such as proctors who monitor incoming guests in the art gallery or fitness center. Other positions perform extensive administrative and reception tasks. Still others are intensive, paraprofessional peer advising roles, like Resident Assistants in the residence halls, Consultants in the Debby Ellis Writing Center, or Peer Academic Mentors in the Center for Academic Success.

Depending on the nature of the position, applicants may need to meet specific criteria, such as class year, or demonstrate certain skills, such as writing, critical thinking, interpersonal, etc.

Tips for Securing On-Campus Student Employment

NETWORK: The most powerful search strategy for any opportunity is networking, including for on-campus employment. Make it a point to ask your friends where they work, and stop in to visit offices that may be hiring to express your interest. 

UTILIZE HIRESU: All on-campus employment roles are eligible to be posted on the Center for Career & Professional Development online job board, HireSU (see link to left). 

ATTEND STUDENT EMPLOYMENT EVENTS: During Welcome Week, the CCPD hosts a Student Employment 101 session for all new students, and the following week features the On-Campus and Part-Time Job Fair.