Hire a Pirate

Job Postings

The Center for Career & Professional Development offers high-tech and high-touch services to customize the recruiting experience to your needs.

Posting an Experience

Postings for full-time, part-time, internship, research, or volunteer positions targeted at SU students and graduates are free to employers. Employers must register with HireSU (via Symplicity) the first time they access the system prior to posting. Postings typically require one business day for approval by the Center for Career & Professional Development before being activated. 

Ready to post a position? Register with or log in to HireSU.

Hiring an SU Student Tutor

If you seek to employ an SU student to tutor your K-12 student (or if you’re seeking a fellow college student to help you out), you can also post these opportunities on CCPD’s HireSU platform. Please note that our semesters typically end before K-12 semesters, and our students are often out of town during breaks. To that end, recruiting a tutor just in time for final exams may be challenging. We encourage you to reach out earlier in the semester. 

On-Campus Student Employment

On-campus positions can also be posted by any SU department to HireSU to provide equitable, centralized access for all students seeking on-campus employment and to get campus positions the most visibility possible. For assistance, please contact recruitapirate@southwestern.edu.

While all students are eligible to work on campus, departments should place a priority on hiring students who have federal work-study aid as part of their financial aid package (all other qualifications being equal), as the university seeks to maximize the use of those funds.