SU Pirate Link

Career Services provides online job search services to SU students and alumni free of charge through SU PirateLink, part of the NACElink Network, affiliated with the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

PirateLink is part of the NACElink Network, a national website for recruiting college students and graduates for full-time and part-time employment as well as internships. You can search for jobs and internships, store resumes and other supporting documents in the PirateLink database and submit resumes directly to employers.

  • Student/Alumni Login to SU PirateLink (for job seekers). First-time users call Career Services at 512-863-1346 for your temporary password.
  • Employer Login to SU PirateLink (for recruiters seeking to hire)
  • Read the SU PirateLink Privacy Policy.

Resumes, cover letters, and other documents must be created before they can be uploaded to PirateLink. Students can have up to 10 other documents sitting in the system at any time. You can store writing samples, portfolios, transcripts, or any other document you need to send to an employer when applying for a job.

Established in 1956, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is a nonprofit association that links college career services professionals and employers of new college graduates. Its membership includes nearly 2,000 colleges and universities and more than 3,100 recruiting professionals nationwide. NACE is the leading source of information about the employment of new college graduates.

If you have a question about navigating the system, call Career Services at 512-863-1346 for more information or email

What is PirateLink?

It is an online job search and resume submission system which allows you to create and store your resume on the Web, search for jobs and internships and submit your resume electronically to employers. Career Services also uses the resume database to screen candidates for on-campus interviews with employers who recruit at Southwestern.

How Can PirateLink be Helpful in My Job Search?
Employers Have Access to Your Resume

When employers advise Career Services of their hiring needs and ask about potential candidates, we can search the resume database to select candidates who match the employers’ requirements and forward their resumes to the employer.

Employers Can Interview You on Campus

In order to interview with recruiters on campus, you MUST be registered with Career Services through PirateLink.

Search Hundreds of Internship, Part-Time and Full-Time Employment Opportunities 

Since more than 900 universities belong to the NACElink Network, employers know posting on PirateLink provides “big bang for their buck.” Use employer contact information in the job postings to submit your resume directly. Note that jobs are not screened by NACE but are reviewed by Career Services.

On-Campus Jobs are Also Posted to PirateLink

Search under “Southwestern University” and you’ll find the various departments who are hiring.  All students are eligible to work on campus, but students who have federal work-study as part of their financial aid package have priority (all other qualifications being equal).    

How Do I Start Using PirateLink?

Contact Career Services at 512.863.1346 or to request a password.  Then follow the link to log in to PirateLink to register your account and set up your profile.  You will create your own unique password for future entries.

How Can I Get my Resume in the Database?
  • Complete and organize a rough draft of your resume. Download a copy of Career Services’ Resume Writing Guide to assist you in getting started and then schedule a resume critique with a Career Services staff member.
  • Once your information is ready in Microsoft Word or converted to a PDF, follow the directions above to register with PirateLink and upload your resume .
  • You must remain active in the system in order to be selected for on-campus recruiting opportunities. More than 60 days of inactivity results in your file being deactivated until you resume activity. This promotes the use of only updated resumes.

Remember : Tools like PirateLink are only part of your search. They can’t take the place of all other job search techniques such as networking, research, job fairs and on-campus interviews.