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Career Services offers self-assessment tools to help you articulate your personality, interests, skills, and values and identify related career possibilities.

Self Assessment

Call Career Services at (512) 863-1346 to schedule an intake appointment to access any of the self-assessment tools. After the initial appointment, you will receive access to the inventories and then schedule a follow-up appointment to verify and review your results with a career advisor. These tools are provided here for Southwestern students and alumni only.

TypeFocus Careers

This personality inventory, measures where you get your energy, how you perceive your environment, how you make decisions and how one likes to organize your lifestyle.  The inventory correlates your personality characteristics with possible career fields and offers direct, clickable links to career-field research directly from the inventory.  

Strong Interest Inventory

Interested in helping, persuading, thinking, creating, organizing or doing? This inventory shows you what kinds of career fields people who share your interests are often found in.  

In addition to these online tools, Career Services offers card sort inventories for examining values and skills.

Self-assessment is an ongoing process. Each experience alters our self-concept and self-knowledge, and each time you begin to think about a new major, a new job or a career change, you must re-evaluate yourself in terms of your values, interests, skills, and abilities.