Campus Recruiting

The Center for Career & Professional Development offers high-tech and high-touch service to customize your recruiting experience to your needs, whether you want to post a job or visit campus to conduct interviews or information sessions. 


Posting a Job

Postings for full-time, part-time or internship positions targeted at SU students and graduates are free to employers. Employers must register with PirateLink the first time they access the system prior to posting. Postings typically require one business day for approval by the Center for Career & Professional Development before being activated. For more information, visit PirateLink FAQs and the PirateLink Privacy Policy.

Register with PirateLink or log in when you are ready to post a position.

Hiring a SU Student Tutor

If you seek to employ an SU student to tutor your K-12 student (or if you’re seeking a fellow college student to help you out), you can post opportunities through the Center for Career & Professional Development. In addition to posting to our PirateLink job board, you can use a special service we offer to connect with prospective tutors. Each semester we recruit prospective tutors and maintain a list by subject area. Please contact us at Pirate2Pro@southwestern.edu or 512.863.1346 to let us know of your needs.  Please note that our semesters typically end before K-12 semesters, and our students are often out of town during breaks. To that end, recruiting a tutor just in time for final exams may be challenging.  We encourage you to reach out earlier in the semester. 

On-Campus Student Employment

On-campus jobs can also be posted to PirateLink to provide centralized access for all students seeking on-campus employment and to get campus positions the most visibility possible. Campus departments which have hired students recently have already been preregistered in PirateLink.  Any additional departments or additional contacts for already registered departments can also register. Campus departments can specify in the posting how they want students to apply (e.g. direct applicants to a URL on departmental website, direct applicants to download an application, stop by in person, etc.). While all students are eligible to work on campus, departments should place a priority on hiring students who have federal work-study aid as part of their financial aid package (all other qualifications being equal), as the university seeks to maximize the use of those funds.

On-Campus Recruiting

Interviews: To set up on-campus interviews, employers will

  • Complete a recruiting information sheet (PDF) and return via email. Please complete all parts of the Recruiting Information Sheet, indicating N/A if necessary. Incomplete forms will delay or impede recruitment opportunities. Thank you for your consideration!
  • Correspond with the Center for Career & Professional Development, who will contact you upon receipt of your form, to set up a date for your visit, and send you copies of resumes that meet your criteria for prescreening.
  • Register with PirateLink, where you will be able to post your job for all students to see.

Information Table: Employers who want to set up an information table in the Red and Charline McCombs Campus Center rather than conduct on-campus interviews should still contact the Center for Career & Professional Development. Also, please fill out an information table request form and email it to the Center.

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Southwestern University Center for Career & Professional Development is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers and follows its Principles for Professional Conduct with regard to career development and employment practices.

When you’re ready to contact us or have more questions:

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