Career Services


Career Services is happy to assist alumni with resume development, self- assessment, career exploration, the job search process and graduate school application. Phone consultations are also possible for out-of-town alumni.

We’d Love to Help!

If you’re in the area, stop by the Career Services’ Resource Center, which has a large collection of print publications for students and alumni to help explore career fields and conduct a job search. 


Career Services has several assessment tools available for alumni to use to identify interests, skills and personality traits. To get the results of TypeFocus Careers personality instrument, Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment and/or the Strong Interest Inventory, you must contact Career Services for the password and schedule an appointment (phone or in-person). TypeFocus is available free of charge to students and alumni and nominal fees apply for the other assessments. To learn more, visit our Self-Assessment page.

Campus Recruiting

Alumni are eligible to attend information sessions of companies recruiting at Southwestern and, if space permits, participate in interviews (provided they are preselected to interview by the employer). For details on recruiting events, see our Calendar.


Develop a professional resume to store online. You must be registered with PirateLink and have an updated, targeted resume in the system to be eligible for on-campus recruiting opportunities targeted at alumni. Contact Career Services for the password and register today with PirateLink.

How You Can Help Us

Career Services offers numerous opportunities for SU alumni to get involved with current students. Alumni from all academic backgrounds in a variety of occupations can help current students explore majors and career fields, give advice about choosing and preparing for careers and act as networking contacts. These contacts can be continued after students graduate and join the ranks of successful SU alums to mutually serve both individuals in their future endeavors.


Throughout the year, Career Services presents an array of educational programs and events to help prepare students for the future. Events that typically provide opportunities for alumni to serve as presenters, panelists or mentors include:

Career Connections BBQ

A lunchtime program in the Spring in which students enjoy barbecue with alumni and then have 20-minute informational interview sessions with up to four alumni.

Careers in…

A series of one-hour programs featuring alumni describing their career experiences in various industries (e.g. accounting, gaming, humanities, law, etc.). Topics rotate each semester.

Pirate to Pro

Two one-hour sessions in September prepare seniors for the job search, especially through networking, and teach first-year students about career-readiness competencies. 

Alumni Networking Contact

Career Services needs assistance from SU alumni to help current students explore a variety of majors and career fields. Serve as a point of contact for your major and/or current occupation, whether you took a direct or indirect route from one to the other. Topics students may want to ask alumni contacts about include how they chose their career, advice for preparing for careers, resume preparation, realistic idea of entry-level salary, suggestions for professional organizations to join, suggestions for courses to take, daily activities of your job, whether you recommend grad school for your job, etc. The easiest way to connect?  Join the Southwestern University Alumni and Friends group on LinkedIn!

The mentorship you provide can help shape the career path of a fellow alum or soon-to-be SU graduate. They will most certainly value your real-world experience and be appreciative of any advice you are able to provide.

Internships, Externships and On-Campus Recruiting 

SU alumni can be great contacts for current students and other alumni interested in gaining practical experience or even full-time employment in the workplace. If you and your organization would like to consider sponsoring an SU intern, please click here for more information. If you would like more information about recruiting and hiring SU grads, please click here. To learn about our Externship program, where individuals or small groups of SU students visit employer worksites for part of a day, please click here.

Contact Us

We are excited to hear from you, even if you just want more information! Contact us at to indicate your interest in helping with any of the above-listed projects.

For questions, Career Services staff can be reached via email or by phone at 512-863-1346.