What are Campus Notices?

A public bulletin-board for communicating with students, faculty, and staff at Southwestern University. Postings made to Campus Notices are available via the website and as a daily-digest email. Emails are sent on weekdays at :8am.

How do I send a Campus Notice?

Where do I say who is sending the notice?

The Campus Notice system will supply that information. You will be identified by your name and e-mail address. Anonymous messages are not permitted.

What is appropriate for a Campus Notice?

Here are some examples: Physical Plant might announce the temporary closing of a road. ITS might notify users about scheduled system maintenance that will occur. Others might announce student organization meetings or announcements.

What's not appropriate?

Opinions. Political campaigning. Objectionable material. Spamming. Please respect Campus Notices and those who use it.

Will anyone review my Campus Notice?

At this time, no. Users are being asked to judge the appropriateness of their own messages.

Can I choose not to receive Campus Notices?

Yes. In the right sidebar go to "Subscribe", scroll to the bottom of the page, and press "UnSubscribe".

Can I react or respond to a notice?

No, but you can contact the author of a notice.

Can I change my Campus Notices password?

Your campus notices password is the same as your University password. This may be changed here:

What are the Campus Notices Categories?

Urgent University Notices

Time sensitive or critical University news and announcements. (Examples: University closing and class cancellation, major event or speaker canceled at last minute, Presidential notices)

Official University News and Notices

Information related to the official functions of administrative and academic departments. (Examples: Job openings, flu vaccinations available, Campus Security announcements, announcement that the campus e-mail system will be unavailable for an upgrade, speeches, other major events, performances, deadline for Fulbright applications, etc. )

Club, Organization and Extracurricular Notices

Information from University clubs and organizations, as well as departments when the notice is not official business or class-related. (Examples, Campus presentations/talks, Organizational events, ball games, Friday at Red's, invitation to religious services, general invitation to films being shown as part of a class curriculum)

Community Service and Fund-Raising

Activities and events serving a community-service or fund-raising purpose (Examples, Habitat for Humanity project, T-shirt sale, Penny parade, tutoring/mentoring projects in area schools)

Personal Notices

Classifieds, lost and found, services offered (Examples: Lost glasses/keys, kittens in need of good home, need for scout-group leaders, house for rent )