Student Accounts

Withdrawal Refund Policy


Student Accounts

Student Accounts

Students who are allowed to withdraw all or part of their registration will be granted a reduction of a portion of the original charges according to the schedule shown below. Questions regarding the University’s refund policies should be addressed to the Business Office. A student who is permitted to change courses by dropping and adding one or more courses will be given full tuition credit for the courses dropped to be applied toward the tuition charges for the courses added, if the drop and add occur simultaneously. The date the withdrawal or change in class load is received by the Registrar’s Office determines refunds as shown:

Academic Year Refund Calculations 


  • During first full week of classes80% credit
  • During second full week of classes60% credit
  • During third full week of classes50% credit
  • During fourth full week of classes40% credit
  • During fifth full week of classes30% credit
  • After the end of the fifth full week of classesNone

Board:   75% of unused portion of the base meal plan is refunded.

Pirate Buc$ balance refunds must be requested in writing from the Pirate Card Office.

Room: No refund is made on room charges, even if a student is asked to vacate an assigned residence hall room for disciplinary reasons.

The Tuition Refund Plan provides coverage for the university charges of tuition, on-campus room and board when a student is required to withdraw from school due to a medical or mental health illness before the semester is complete based upon a doctor’s certification. This Tuition Refund Plan is a private insurance program that supplements Southwestern University’s standard refund policy for the academic year by offering up to 75% coverage for withdrawals dues to medical illness or injury in accordance with the policy terms and conditions. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is entirely optional and the University’s refund program is applicable whether or not you enroll in the plan.

Students Called to Active Military Service

If a student withdraws because the student is called to active military service, the effective date of withdrawal will be used to calculate financial aid and tuition refunds, in accordance with published institutional, state, and federal refund policies as applicable.

Withdrawals and Financial Aid

A student’s institutional and federal financial aid is subject to being reduced in the event of that student’s withdrawal from classes during a semester. Depending on the withdrawal date, it is possible that a portion of a student’s financial aid, including loans, will be returned resulting in a student account balance due. Please consult the Financial Aid Office and the “Financial Aid” section of this catalog for information regarding the impact of a withdrawal on student’s financial aid award.

Part-Time Status and Financial Aid

Most financial aid and University merit scholarship programs require a student to enroll at the University on a full-time basis. Consult the “Financial Aid” section of this catalog for information about how this policy affects students who enroll on a part-time basis.

Summer Refund Calculations 

Tuition for Summer & Summer III:

  • Day 1 of classes 80% credit
  • Day 2 of classes 60% credit
  • Day 3 of classes 50% credit
  • Day 4 of classes40% credit
  • Day 5 of classes30% credit
  • Day 6 of classes and afterNone