Student Accounts

Understanding Your E-bill

Here is a quick outline and explanation of your billing statement. If you have any additional questions contact the Business Office at

512.863.1928 or 512.863.1927.


Student Accounts

Student Accounts

Welcome to Southwestern University. We know the Student Account Statement/eBill can often be overwhelming, so we are providing an information guide to help you understand your charges, aid offered, amount due and payment options. Each semester is billed separately. Please know that we are here to support you along the way! 

Section 1 - Statement Activity 

This section includes semester charges for tuition, housing, meal plans, student service & IT fee, vehicle registration, optional Dewar Tuition Refund Plan , optional Student Health Insurance, and misc charges (music course fees, lab fees, traffic tickets, late fees, etc.) if applicable.  It also includes all payments/credits you have made on your account and financial aid transactions once they are actually posted on your student account.   (A financial aid credit transaction appearing in this section is funded.)  Lastly, this section may also contain anticipated “estimated” credits related to the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan if you are a participant. Please see the Student Accounts “Payment Options” and “Waivers for Optional Charges” sections for more information on the details in this section.

FT Registration - 24/FA & 25/SP (each semester is billed separately)
Full time registration for each semester is $26,644 (12-19 credits) before lab fees or music lessons are added. If you have more than one “Registration” line, you will need to add them together to arrive at the full-time registration fee of $26,644. If your registration total is less than $26,644, you are not enrolled as a full-time student and your schedule is not complete for the applicable semester. If you tuition is more than $26,644, then you are enrolled in class with a $75 lab fee or a music course fee of $212.50 OR $425.

15 Meals/Week and $75 Pirate Bucs -
This is the default meal plan assigned to all students in on-campus housing, which includes unlimited meals per week and $75 pirate bucs. Residence Life will send out additional information regarding meal plan changes in late May 2024. All meal plan changes must be completed by Friday, Aug. 30, 2024. Contact the Residence Life Office at (512) 863-1624 or with questions.

On-Campus Housing -
This is the cost for your on-campus housing assignment. Contact the Residence Life Office at (512) 863-1624 or with questions.

Deposit Allocation - New Students
Your $700 deposit was composed of a $250 enrollment deposit, a $250 housing deposit, and a $200 Sprog orientation fee. Two credits also appear on your eBill, which include the $250 enrollment deposit and the $200 Sprog Orientation fee that were paid as part of your deposit. The remaining $250 housing deposit will be refunded, less any applicable damages, when you leave on-campus housing. 

Amount Due (Located at bottom of Section 1)

The “Amount Due” is included in the payment summary box at the top right corner of the e-bill. The “Amount Due” is also shown below Section 1 - Statement Activity, and represents the total of all transactions in the statement activity section minus the total of all financial aid transactions in Section 2 - Confirmed Financial Aid (see below). Amounts in the Section 3 - Financial Aid Needing Attention have not been deducted when calculating the amount due since the process has not been completed for the aid to be received. If you are sure that you are going to take the aid and complete the necessary steps to receive it, you can also manually deduct amounts in Section 3 when calculating the amount you actually owe.

Section 2 - Confirmed Financial Aid Section 

Financial Aid appearing in this section represents aid that is not yet disbursed to your student account due to federal guidelines. This aid will move to Section 1 - Student Account Activity Section approximately 10 days before the first day of class according to federal guidelines.  All actions on your part have been completed – no further action is needed! 

Section 3 - Financial Aid Needing Attention Section

Financial Aid appearing in this section represents aid that has been accepted but is not complete and can NOT be disbursed to your student account at this time.  Action is required on your part!!  

If you do not see the financial aid that you are expecting, please check the Financial Aid section in your Self-Service account for any financial aid that needs attention.

Financial aid, including loans, will appear on your billing statement only if it is accepted in Self-Service. For questions regarding items in Section 3 or financial assistance in general, you may call (512) 863-1259 or email