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Student Accounts

Sign up for Direct Deposit NOW! 

To expedite refunds from your student account, students are encouraged to go to Self-Service located in their WebAdvisor account and sign up for electronic deposit.  For complete direct deposit instructions go here .

General Student Refund Information:

Refunds are available via direct deposit (see link to set up instructions above) and paper checks. Refunds will not be processed until all charges have been paid. Although “estimated” amounts are credited to the student account for payment plans, Texas Tomorrow, and VA funding, refunds will not be processed in these cases until the actual payments are received.

To request a refund (starting on the first day of class):
  • Student presents their SU student ID to the Accounts Receivable Specialists in the Business Office (first floor of the Cullen Building).
  • A statement will be printed which shows their account balance.
  • Complete the pink “Student Refund Request” form and submit for processing.