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Southwestern’s Payment Plans

To help you manage your tuition payments, Southwestern University offers convenient interest free payment plans each term that are integrated to your student account.  You have the option to enroll in a monthly payment plan to pay your tuition, avoiding credit checks and high interest rates associated with traditional loans.


Student Accounts

Student Accounts

What are the details of the new SU Payment Plan?

  • SU Payment Plans are available for each individual semester – Fall and Spring.
  • The actual number of monthly payments and the payment amount is based on your enrollment date. (See the charts below.)
  • Each payment plan requires a $25 enrollment fee that is due at the time of enrollment.
  • The amount of the payment plan is determined based on the actual balance due on the student account, which includes an automatic reduction for confirmed financial aid.
  • If your student account balance decreases or increases after enrollment in the payment plan, your future monthly payment amounts will automatically decrease or increase accordingly.
  • Payments can be conveniently made electronically via credit card or ACH.
  • An auto pay option is also available to eliminate the need to remember payment due dates.
  • Once enrolled, you will have easy access to manage your account online anytime.
  • System generated emails will be sent as reminders of the upcoming monthly payment plan due dates.
  • Enrollment in a payment plan will be available after the e-bill is released and a balance exists on the student account.

How do I enroll in the SU Payment Plans?

  • Payment plans are now located in the student’s and parent’s Transact Payments Portal.
  • You cannot enroll in the SU payment plan until your e-bill is released and charges exist on your student account.
  • Prior term balances must be paid prior to enrolling in a payment plan for the current semester. A hold will be placed on the student account if a prior term balance exists for any amount that will prevent enrollment in a current term payment plan.  Use the “Make a Payment” link to pay the balance for the prior term and contact Student Accounts to release the hold that will then enable access to enroll in the current term payment plan.

Students -

  • Students can enroll in the payment plan by accessing their Transact Payments Portal through WebAdvisor. 

Giving Parents or Other Individual Access -

  • In order for parents or other individuals to receive online access to your student account to view e-bills, to make on-line payments, and to setup a payment plan, the student must “Send an Invitation” to the individual and give them the proper permissions.   Refer to the Instructions for Accessing On-line Student Account Detail & the Transact Payments Portal. 
  • Authorized individuals will be able to log in to the Transact Payments Portal and enroll in a payment plan after the e-bill is released.

What are the Payment Plan Fees and Other Charges?

  • A non-refundable enrollment fee of $25 is required upon enrollment.
  • A separate enrollment fee is required for each plan each semester of participation – enrollments do not automatically renew or roll over for the next semester.
  • Payments returned from the bank for any reason in conjunction with the payment plan will result in the assessment of a $30 returned item fee.
  • A non-refundable convenience fee of 2.75% is assessed for all credit card transactions. There is no fee for E-checks/ACH payments.
  • If applicable, a $100 late fee is assessed upon cancellation of your payment plan for non-payment.

What if 2 Payment Plans are needed for our Student?

  • Please contact the Business Office first for assistance if a student needs special considerations for more than one payment plan (two separate individuals paying a portion of the balance) at 512-863-1928 or

Fall Payment Plan Details

  • The Fall semester payment plan opens for enrollment in May after e-bills are released:

Enrollment  Deadline

# of Monthly  Payments

First Payment  Due Date

June 9


June 10

July 9


July 10

Aug. 9


August 10

  Spring Payment Plan Details

  • The Spring payment plan opens for enrollment in Nov. after e-bills are released:

Enrollment  Deadline

 # of Monthly  Payments

First Payment  Due Date

December 9


December 10

January 9


January 10

February 9


February 10

What if I want to make a payment prior to the first available payment of the SU Payment Plan?

  • You cannot make a payment on-line until there is a balance due in your student account; however, you can mail in a check to Southwestern University (with the student ID number) and we will apply that credit to the student account in advance of the e-bill being released.
  • Another option is to make a credit card or ACH payment using the “Click her to make a payment” link in the “Your Account” box of the Transact Payments Portal screen PRIOR to enrolling in the payment plan.


Can I sign up for automated payments so I do not have to remember to manually make each monthly payment?

  • Once enrolled in a SU Payment Plan, you can enroll in the “Scheduled Automatic Payments” option, which will use your saved payment method to make each monthly payment when it is due.
  • Automatic payments may be set up to be deducted from your checking or savings account by e-check or credit card.
  • You will still receive an email prior to the 10th of the month (the payment due date) as a reminder that the payment will be made in 5 days.
  • Payments will be processed around 6 p.m. on the 10th day of each month. It may take a couple of days for the payment to clear your account. A record of each payment will be posted to the student’s account and a receipt will be sent via email.
  • Declined and Dishonored Payments – It is the responsibility of the guarantor to ensure adequate funds are available on the due date. In the event a payment is declined or dishonored, Southwestern University will assess your account with a $30 returned item fee and also reserve the right to cancel the payment plan. Upon cancellation, the balance becomes due immediately.
  • Southwestern University is not liable for any returned payments due to incorrect bank account information supplied. Southwestern University is also not liable for any charges that your bank imposes on you as a result of your account being in an overdraft position, or below daily or monthly minimum required balances, or any other charges, as a result of your payment plan payment being deducted from your checking/savings account.

 What happens to delinquent accounts?  

  • Failure to pay the installment amount due will result in an administrative hold placed on your student record. This administrative hold will prevent future registration, adding and dropping classes, obtaining transcripts, and getting your diploma.
  • Installment payment plans that are delinquent for two (2) consecutive months are subject to cancellation by Southwestern University.
  • Multiple returned payments may result in ineligibility to use a certain payment method or to enroll in future payment plans.
  • Upon cancellation of your payment plan, a $100 late fee will be assessed and any unpaid balance on your student account will become payable immediately.
  • Failure to pay the amount due upon cancellation or failure to make an acceptable arrangement to resolve the account balance will result in referral of the delinquent account to a collection agency.
  • Upon referral to a collection agency, collection agency fees (which may be based on a percentage up to a maximum of 40% of my delinquent account), together with all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees will be assessed.

What if I need help or have other questions about the SU Payment Plan?