Student Accounts

Payment Plan

Southwestern University is currently making changes to the Payment Plan. Please watch for information to be posted in late April 2019. 

     SU is excited to announce that we are working on a new payment plan that will be part of SU’s payment portal that students currently access through WebAdvisor. The new SU payment plan will be located in the same place that you currently make credit card and ACH payments, and students will continue to give parents access to this site by setting up a Parent Pin. The new interest free monthly payment plans will be semester specific with an enrollment fee of $25. Although we will not be able to offer the 12 month academic year plan in the future, the term based plan will be integrated to the student account balance making is easier to set up the payment plan for the correct amount and enabling future payments to automatically adjust to increases or decreases in the student account balance.
     Please watch for the new Fall 2019 payment plan detailed information to be announced around April 26th, 2019, the same time as returning student e-bills are released for Fall 2019. Any family that previously used the 12 month payment plan in the past and wants to go ahead and make a payment towards Fall 2019 can send their payment with their student’s ID number on it directly to the Business Office at Southwestern University to be credited to their student account.