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Update on Student Account Credits for Room and Board

Student account credits for room and board have been finalized and revised ebills have been released. Please go to your CashNet payment portal to access your ebill. Thank you for your patience! Below are a few FAQs to guide your through this process.

Will there be late fees on the payments that are due April 1?
No. There will be no late fee assessed for payments not made on April 1. We understand that you may be waiting on anticipated credits for room and board.

How do I cancel my automatic payment set up for April 1?
If you want to cancel your automatic payment on your payment plan, please follow the instructions noted at this link - Instructions to cancel your automatic payments on your payment plan.

How will I know when the revised ebills are released?
When the Spring 2020 adjusted ebills are released, you will receive an email to your SU email account notifying you that you have a new ebill to be viewed. Text notifications will also be sent to those that have enabled them.

What are my options for the credit balance on my account?
Credit balances on student accounts can remain on the student account to be used to pay future semester charges with no further action necessary. If you want to request a refund of all or part of your credit balance, you will need to complete the google refund request form found at this link -Student Account Refund Request.  Only students can complete this form. Students please be sure to complete this google form using your SU email so that we will receive your validated request and remember to include the specific dollar amount that you are requesting. Upon proper completion of the form, you will receive an email confirmation of your request. 

If I request a refund, how will I receive my payment?
There is a place on the google form to indicate your payment preference. However, in order to expedite any refunds requested we are strongly encouraging payment via direct deposit. Please make sure you are set up for direct deposit by following the instructions at this link - Direct deposit set-up instructions for student account refunds . Since COVID-19 has resulted in remote working at this time, please be aware that refund requests to mail a paper check may be delayed longer than usual.